5 Great National Parks in Europe

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We turn our attention a little closer to home, exploring some of the wonderful National Parks Europe has to offer.

Those suffering with wanderlust be warned, this feature will only worsen your itch to run off on holiday!

1. Grand Paradiso National Park, Italy

National Parks in Europe - Grand Paradiso

Grand Paradiso National Park, named after the great mountain that resides within the park, is just over 3 hours away from fashion capital Milan.

There are range of hiking trails available that explore the best of this beautiful park, each varying in difficulty. Local guides are available, happy to take you through the park and whilst providing some insight into the parks’ preservation efforts.

Visitor centres can also provide a great opportunity to stop for a spot of well-earned lunch.

National Parks in Europe - Goat

One resident thankful for the park’s existence is the Alpine Ibex, a positively prehistoric-looking goat that you could imagine having escaped from the pages of one of Tolkien’s classics.

Thanks to the efforts of the Park, the Ibex has been saved from extinction.

2. Kalkalpen National Park, Austria

National Parks in Europe - Kalkalpen

Alpine heaven, the Kalkalpen National Park, situated in Austria, offers some great trails that take you through some the finest scenery Europe has to offer.

Established in 1997, the park is regarded as one of best National Parks in Austria.

Like many others of its kind, Kalkalpen National Park is a haven for endangered animals and plants.

3. Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

National Parks in Europe - Plitvice National Park

The oldest park in Adriatic gem Croatia, Plitvice Lakes National Park offers the chance to walk through some spectacular scenery that seems other-worldly.

The park has constructed walkways that almost hover across water (pictured above).

One of the country’s most popular tourist attractions, the park is now a UNESCO-listed World Heritage Site.

National Parks in Europe - Plitvice

A complex lake system, where water clashes with spectacular results in a grand waterfall that only intensifies the park’s natural beauty.

Multiple hiking trails are available to visitors throughout the year. This is truly a special European National Park.

4. Port-Cros National Park, France

National Parks in Europe - Port Cros

Found on the lovely Mediterranean island of Port-Cros, just east of Toulon or ‘Little Gibraltar’, Port-Cros National Park is actually classed as a marine, coastal and insular National Park.

Over fifty years old, the Park is deeply committed to protecting the natural beauty and range of flora and animals that call the Park home.

As you arrive by boat, the beauty of the island will draw you in. As well as great views on the island, be sure to check out the wonders hidden beneath the Mediterranean Sea’s surface.

National Parks in Europe - Port Cros

Snorkelling is extremely popular, letting you mix with the local marine life, and if you have an extremely handy water-proof camera, capture some of the many schools of fish relaxing in the area.

The combination of wonderful scenery both on-land and in its surrounding waters makes Port-Cros National Park a real treasure trove of discovery for visitors.

5. Ordesa National Park, Spain

National Parks in Europe - Ordesa

Featuring some of the most beautiful forests in Europe, Ordesa National Park in Spain is a Pyrenees treasure.

With some intimidatingly beautiful summits, the park’s most iconic area is the Ordesa Valley. The base of the valley is crossed by the Río Arazas River.

National Parks in Europe - Falls

Another highlight is Cola de Caballo Waterfall. Here, the water hurtles down the side of the valley in dramatic fashion.

Visited any of the National Parks in our list?

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