14 Glorious Greek landmarks you need to experience

Acropolis Athens

When choosing your next holiday destination, Greece really should be placed under consideration.

Offering the chance to step back in time and experience some ancient wonders left behind by lost civilisations, the country tends to leave a lasting impression on visitors.

Whilst enjoying the culture and history of this intriguing country, holidaymakers, more often than not, get to enjoy wonderful weather barely matched anywhere else in Europe.

Taking a journey back in time, we highlight some of the capital’s greatest sights before heading into the countryside, following in the footsteps of Zeus himself!

Updated – April 2020!

1. Acropolis of Athens

Greek landmarks in Athens - acropolis

One of the most important ancient sites in the world, the ruins of Acropolis are an architectural triumph dating back thousands of years.

Looking out across the city, Acropolis is the Olympic city’s most popular attraction.

Built during the height of ancient Greek’s power, the Acropolis of Athens is a true statement building.

Visitors can explore the UNESCO-listed Heritage Site today. We recommend stopping by and taking the opportunity to learn as much as possible during your visit.

Be sure to visit in the morning or head earlier in the day to avoid the surge of visitors that occurs around lunchtime.

2. Syntagma Square

The most famous Square in Greece, recently renovated Syntagma Square is the perfect spot in the city to unwind away from the traffic.

Easily accessible thanks to the city’s metro system, the square is must visit when in Athens.

With great walkways often lined with intriguing stalls, be sure to stop by for a browse.

Greek landmarks in Athens - Changing guard

A daily occurrence outside the Government building found in the square, there is a fantastic changing of guard sequence rivalling the famous ceremony at Buckingham Palace in London.

3. Mount Lycabettus

Greek landmarks in Athens - Mount Lycabettus

Rising hundreds of metres above sea level, Mount Lycabettus is entwined with Greek Mythology.

According to legend, the Greek God Athena released Mount Lycabettus from her possession, dropping into the area now known as Athens.

Visitors can walk or take a tram up the mountain. Those thinking they will be able to take in the sights as they make their way up to the summit, think again.

Be advised, the tram route up goes through a closed tunnel. For those in search of scenery, we recommend taking the path up to Mount Lycabettus.

At the summit, you will find a selection of smaller attractions and a great restaurant and café where you can recover from your ascent to the top of this magnificent landmark.

4. Temple of Olympian Zeus

Greek landmarks in Athens - Temple of Olympian Zeus

Found in the heart of the city, the colossal Temple of Olympian Zeus is still standing tall after thousands of years.

Built in dedication to the head of the great gods, Zeus, father of Hercules, the temple dates back to the 6th century.

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With its rather long pillars, the temple is instantly recognisable and a truly impressive structure.

Be sure to check it out both during the day and at night when the ruins are impressively lit up in different colours.

5. Parthenon

Greek landmarks in Athens - Parthenon

Constructed as a tribute to the great god Athena, it is hard to believe a structure such as the Parthenon was built without the heavy-duty equipment and technology today’s architects and builders enjoy.

Inside and around the structure, you will find hints of its colourful past.

The Parthenon has served many purposes throughout the last thousand years as invading forces have re-purposed this beautiful building to fit their needs.

Key exhibits from the Temple can be viewed inside the Parthenon Gallery.

6. Delphi

A tremendously important archaeological site, Delphi, some 70 miles from the capital, is steeped heavily in Greek mythology.

Believed to be a religious site chosen by the ancient God Zeus himself, Delphi is a wondrous place to experience.

On-site, visitors can come up close to the ruins of the Temple of Apollo and close by, a dedicated museum includes a number of Greek artefacts dating back thousands of years.

7. Mycenae

Once a settlement, the ruins of Mycenae is a truly ancient Greek landmark.

Found in the north of the country, the lost Mycenaean civilisation ruled the landscape during the Bronze Age.

Originally a fortified town, Mycenae was strategically built here to take advantage of spectacular views of the surrounding countryside.

8. Mystras

Another ancient fortress, the fortress Mystras is remarkably well-preserved.

Reaching this hilly landmark, visitors are transported back in time where they can also enjoy views overlooking the former kingdom of Sparta, famously depicted in the historical epic ‘300’.

Make the most of your time here by exploring the area as much as possible. There are some great photo opportunities tucked away for those with a keen eye.

9. Nafplio

A famous seaport, Nafplio, on first glance, bears some resemblance to the Adriatic port Dubrovnik.

Similarities include the architectural styles present and the generous climate both enjoy.

One of the most picturesque towns in all of Greece, Nafplio is surrounded by spellbinding scenery found in few other holiday destinations on the planet.

10. Minoan Palace of Knossos

Minoan Palace of Knossos

On the northern coast of Crete, the ancient Minoan Palace of Knossos is one of the islands most revered attractions.

Constructed by the Minoan people during the Neolithic period, the grand ruins of the palace and the surrounding city can today be explored with information boards placed around the site providing insight into the city’s long past.

Abandoned by the Minoans, the city was left to fall into disrepair thousands of years ago until British archaeologists started investigative archaeological excavation work in the early 20th century.

11. Monasteries of Meteora

Monasteries of Meterora

One of the most striking sights in all of Greece away from iconic Athens, the monasteries of Meteora sit high above the surrounding landscape on amazing rock formations.

Built on natural rock pillars, the monasteries date back to the 14th century and are some of the country’s most visited attractions.

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Scaling the heights as you follow paths up to these important historic buildings, visitors are rewarded for their efforts with amazing views of the surrounding area welcoming them at the summit.

12. White Tower of Thessaloniki

White Tower of Thessaloniki

In the famous port city of Thessaloniki, resting on the shore of the Aegean Sea, the White Tower has stood on the waterfront since the 15th century.

Altered slightly by the Ottoman Empire, the tower once held a crucial position in the city’s defence network, serving as a fortification and lookout post.

13. Spinalonga


Once used as a Leper colony, the remote island of Spinalonga is today deserted. Sitting out in the Gulf of Elounda, the island is reached via short boat ride from Elounda or Agios Nikolaos.

Showing off some wonderful Venetian period architecture, the island is home to a maze-like network of alleyways and buildings.

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Where the natural landscape doesn’t form a natural barrier, the island is protected by a huge perimeter wall once used in to keep inhabitants in when used as a place of isolation for people suffering from Leprosy.

14. Vikos Gorge

Vikos Gorge

A vast gorge in the heart of Pindos Mountain Range, Vikos Gorge is quite the sight. Stretching over 12 miles, the gorge drops several hundred metres at certain points.

This vast canyon is also home to a wide array of bird and exotic plant life prospering along the canyon walls down into the valley below.

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