12 Wildly memorable waterfalls around the world

Found throughout the world, visiting a waterfall is a magical experience where you can witness the might and sheer determination of rivers looking to continue on with their adventure downstream.

Pro Tip – Take a waterproof or two to avoid having to walk around all day feeling a little drenched!

Ranging in size and scale, we have chosen 12 wild waterfalls across the globe worth experiencing for yourself.

Updated – August 2019!

1. Ban Gioc-Detian Falls

waterfalls around the world - detian waterfall

Found close to Vietnam’s border with neighbouring China, Ban Gioc-Detian Falls are two waterfalls resting on the Quây Sơn River.

Surrounded by greenery, these tiered falls are a magical sight, with large hills overlooking this beautiful part of the country.

Quite often, as with many of the falls featured on today’s list, a rainbow or two can often be found sprouting up from the river, a result of the constant flow of gallons upon gallons of water.

The falls are around 7 hours from Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam.

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2. Godafoss Falls

waterfalls around the world - godafoss

An Icelandic icon, Godafoss Falls is one of the most beautiful sights lucky holidaymakers visiting the country will ever see.

This spectacular sight is a great attraction and forms part of a popular tourist route in the country known as the ‘Golden Circle’.

DC Thomson Travel salutes those lucky enough to have visited the falls in both Winter and during the Summer season.

In Winter, the falls become partially frozen over, although the sheer power and determination of the falls keeps the Winter from turning the falls fully into a White walker!

During the Summer months, when the natural foliage and greenery has fully taken back control of this beautiful landscape, the impressive, deep blues of the water are complimented by the stark, sparse landscapes around the Skjálfandafljót river.

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3. Iguaza Falls

waterfalls around the world - iguaza falls

One of the biggest waterfalls in the world, Iguaza Falls is a true South American icon.

Lying across both Brazil and Argentina, the falls drop over 600 foot down into the river below.

The Falls are actually located within a National Park. Catwalks are available, allowing you to reach some great vantage points.

Careful not to drop your phone with all the excitement!

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4. Krimml Waterfall

waterfalls around the world - krimml waterfall

Closer to home in the lush Austrian Alps, Krimml Waterfall awaits.

Flowing down over 300 metres, you will hear the falls before you see them.

The route to the waterfall takes you through some deep woods before you eventually reach a clearing.

Continue further up the trail and you will reach an epic viewing platform so close to the falls, you may get a little wet.

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5. Niagara Falls

waterfalls around the world - niagara falls

Close to a border seems to be a theme with waterfalls doesn’t it?

Yes, that’s right, glorious Niagara Falls, perhaps the most famous waterfall on today’s ‘waterful’ list lies between Canada and the state of New York.

Not the tallest waterfall in the world by a considerable stretch, epic Niagara Falls still has an element of wonder to it that attracts tourists from around the world, all keen to experience this fantastic landmark and popular wedding venue for themselves.

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6. Seven Sisters Waterfall

waterfalls around the world - seven sisters waterfall

What could possibly make the majestic Norwegian fjords any more…majestic? A waterfall you say?

It just happens that the free falling Seven Sisters Waterfall can be spotted in Geirangerfjord, one of the most visited fjords in Scandinavia.

Almost flowing directly down a sheer vertical face, the waterfall consists of seven streams that take their own separate and well-worn journeys down into the blue waters of the fjord.

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7. Victoria Falls

waterfalls around the world - victoria falls

Southern Africa colossal Victoria Falls is one of the great natural wonders of the world.

With an effect similar to an infinity pool (although much grander and bigger in scale), Victoria Falls disappears away down into an area of water known as the ‘Boiling Pot’

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8. Dudhsagar Falls

Dudhsagar Falls

A simply massive waterfall complete with four tiers, Dudhsagar Falls in India can be found in the famous state of Goa.

Dropping over 300 metres, the waterfall is a great Asian landmark that sees the Mandovi River flow down dramatically surrounded by dense forest.

A great scenic moment for passengers, a bridge actually crosses over one of the most spectacular parts of the waterfall.

During the crossing, passengers on the local train service can admire from the comfort of their carriages as they pass over one of the key natural attractions in Goa.

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9. Grey Mares Tail

Grey Mares Tail

This lovely tucked away waterfall is one of the most impressive natural sights in all of Scotland.

Flowing down from nearby Loch Skeen located in Dumfries and Galloway, Grey Mare’s Tail waterfall sits within a beautiful valley.

An extremely popular walking spot, Grey Mare’s Tail is surrounded by multiple walking trails offering ideal vantage points looking out towards Grey Mare’s Tail.

Appearing like a tail stuck between rocks, the waterfall is also a memorable wildlife-spotting destination.

Key locals to look out for include Eagles and Ospreys that can be often be spotted dancing in the sky high above the fall.

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10. Horsetail Fall

Horsetail Fall

One of many extraordinary sights found within the boundaries of Yosemite National Park, the first of its kind in the United States, Horsetail Fall is one of the park’s key attractions all-year round.

However, attracting crowds in February and March, the waterfall transforms into a magical fiery waterfall and is a key event in the park’s calendar.

A trick of the light, the Firefall phenomenon can only be admired during a limited window of time.

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11. Multnomah Falls

Multnomah Falls

Flowing in Oregon, close to the city of Portland, the scenic beauty of Multnomah Falls attracts visitors throughout the year.

Found in a wonderful woodland setting, the waterfall can be admired from afar and up close thanks to a selection of walking trails and an excellently positioned old bridge where you can feel the spray coming off the flowing water as it falls several metres down.

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12. Rhine Falls

Rhine Falls

Situated on the famous Rhine, one of the quintessential river cruising destinations, Rhine Falls can be found close to the Upper Rhine town of Schaffhausen.

This lovely part of Switzerland close to the German border is known around the world for its wine produce with vineyards tending to thrive in the surrounding countryside.

Whilst not as dramatic as some of the other famous falls to make our list, the little-known fall is a surprising find in one of the most popular river cruising waterways in the world.

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