7 immense places to experience eye-catching New England

New England is one of America’s most scenic regions.

Six states sit within the boundaries of New England – Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.

Across each of these states, the beauty of New England shines through.

Typically characterised by wide open spaces, dense stretches of woodland, with some great beaches found along the coastline, an opportunity to visit New England should not be turned down lightly.

Best visited during the famous period of transformation that takes place every Autumn when the landscape’s foliage begins to slowly turn into an array of browns and oranges, New England in the Fall season attracts millions of tourists each year.

We take highlight 7 immense places where you will be able to experience the best of eye-catching New England for yourself.

1. Acadia National Park

Martha’s Vineyard - acadia national park

Acadia National Park, found on Maine’s coastline, combines the best elements of New England – sea, woodland, rocky beaches, and mountainous terrain accessible to explore.

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2. Boston Common

Martha’s Vineyard - boston common

Boston, one of the country’s oldest cities, is historically invaluable.

Crucially, and the reason the Common makes our list, Boston, a busy and rapidly growing city, has chosen to leave its public park relatively untouched in the centre of the city.

Here, you can learn about the city’s history, thanks to a range of memorials and statues that all reside within the Park.

Most importantly, you can simply grab some lunch, stroll into the Park and enjoy the careful balance between nature and the towering skyscrapers that skirt the edges of the Park.

Bit of TriviaBoston Common is the United States oldest Public Park!

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3. Cadillac Mountain

Martha’s Vineyard - cadillac mountain

From the summit of Cadillac you can look out across the state and take in the splendour of the surrounding countryside.

A great place to watch the sun set, an argument could be made for the summit of Cadillac mountain making for a great romantic spot.

Just as epic as the sun setting down at the end of the day, you are so high up here that fog often floats across the surrounding valley.

This gives the illusion that you are floating adrift at sea, or even taking flight deep into the milky way!

With aspirations of being an astronaut ourselves, we hope the latter is true!

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4. Martha’s Vineyard

Martha’s Vineyard - martha's vineyard

Those with a keen eye may recognise the iconic streets of Martha’s Vineyard from the first summer blockbuster Jaws.

Used as a filming location during the shoot for the ‘sharktastic’ Spielberg film, Martha’s Vineyard is one of New England’s most picturesque towns.

A popular summer holiday destination, the town, actually located on its own island, sits quite close to the more famous Cape Cod.

A stroll along the main street will take you past the town’s famous buildings, some homes even have Gingerbread house characteristics!

Re-joining civilisation, a trip to Martha’s Vineyard lets you experience a quintessential American resort town, complete with great beaches.

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5. Mount Washington

Martha’s Vineyard - mount washington

Alpine Mount Washington is a popular skiing resort and the tallest point in New England.

Before the snow sets in, Mount Washington is a fantastic hiking destination, offering great views as you travel along one of the well-worn trails.

The area around Mount Washington provides one of the most scenic driving experiences on the North American continent.

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6. New Hampshire

Martha’s Vineyard - new hampshire

Home to Mount Washington, the state of New Hampshire is one of the great US autumnal destinations.

With highlights including the Mount Washington Cog Railway, the glacial Lake Winnipesaukee, and Franconia National Park, it is not hard to see the attraction of visiting the state.

The Mount Washington Cog Railway can take you to the summit of Mount Washington, offering a 3-hour train ride taking you to some great vantage points.

From the comfort of your carriage, you can take in all the sights without having to put the miles in on foot!

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7. Vermont

Martha’s Vineyard - vermont

Vermont is the quintessential Fall destination.

Millions of tourists flock to the state each year, all in search of catching the spectacular Fall colours at their best.

With Canada close by, many holidaymakers opt to venture further north, heading out in search of the Maple Leaf Trail where, with Niagara Falls coming into view, the wonders never cease.

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