Rich in history – 6 Must-experience Russian landmarks

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The great Russian cities of Moscow & St Petersburg are both rich in history.

Today, we draw special attention to 6 renowned sights found in both of these notable cities.

Pack your suitcase and join our journey as we start with the magnificent Bolshoi Theatre.

Updated – November 2019!

1. Bolshoi Theatre

moscow st petersburg holiday

Standing in Moscow for over 150 years, the Bolshoi Theatre is one of the Russian capital’s most iconic landmarks.

Beautifully reconstructed after a fire, the Theatre, home to the Bolshoi is a must-see Moscow attraction.

On the outside, the Theatre is rather grand and bears some resemblance to the great Brandenburg Gate, another of the world’s great landmarks.

Tours are available that take you around the neoclassical building, providing some insight into this lovely venue’s past.

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2. Kremlin

moscow st petersburg holiday

Moscow’s Kremlin, in the heart of the city, is one of the most famous buildings in the world.

Shrouded in mystery for over 50 years during the period known as the Cold War, the Kremlin is a political symbol similar to the White House found in the American capital.

Today, visitors can tour parts of the Kremlin, and admire exhibits displayed in the in-house museum.

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3. Peter and Paul’s Fortress

moscow st petersburg holiday

Moving on St. Petersburg, arguably Russia’s grandest city, Peter and Paul’s Fortress, complete with huge golden Spire, is our next renowned Russian landmark.

Constructed by Peter the Great, the Fortress has a long and colourful past.

Bit of Trivia – The Fortress was the first building built in St. Petersburg.

Once home to a prison, a military base, and burial place of members of the Russian Imperial family, the Fortress today is home to a museum.

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4. Peterhof Grand Palace

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Peterhof Grand Palace, found in St. Petersburg, is a prime example of the city’s many Imperial Palaces.

Actually a number of Palaces together, Peter the Great was again responsible for commissioning this tremendously important building.

Bit of Trivia – Video and Photography is not allowed inside the Palace.

Visitors can often be seen arriving by jet-speed boat that conveniently takes you to the limits of the Palace Gardens.

The gardens here are simply stunning. Influenced by the great gardens around the Palace of Versailles, those with a keen eye will easily spot some similarities.

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5. Saint Basil Cathedral

moscow st petersburg holiday

In many ways the face of Moscow and a symbol of Russia, Saint Basil Cathedral is often the first image that springs to mind when thinking about the great Russian city.

Now a museum, the Cathedral dates back to to the 14th century, bearing witness to the dramatic changes that swept the country in the 20th century that deeply affected religious faith.

The Cathedrals’ colourful spires immediately catch the eye and appear almost jewel-like at first glance.

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6. The Winter Palace

moscow st petersburg holiday

Once the residence of Russian Emperors, The Winter Palace is one of St. Petersburg’s biggest tourist draws.

The Palace can be visited and restored period features can be fully admired as you wander parts of the Palace including the popular State Rooms.

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