6 historic visions in Riga, capital of Latvia

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An included visit during one of our three-centre holiday tours, ‘Helsinki, Tallinn & Riga’, we take a look at some of the incredible sights found throughout the historic city of Riga.

The Latvian capital is one of the most culturally and historically important cities on the main European continent.

We start with a look at one of the city’s more recent additions, though nonetheless any less important, the symbolic Freedom Monument.

1. Freedom Monument

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One of the more recent additions to the city compared to the rest of our list, the Freedom Monument is a massively important symbol and monument that pays tribute to those that fell during the country’s Latvian War of Independence.

Constructed from both granite and copper, the monument was officially unveiled in 1935.

Almost pillar-like, the top of the monument is occupied by a statue of a woman that rises a further 9 metres in the air from the main monument.

Symbolising freedom, the woman can be seen holding three stars symbolising both national unity and the three historic provinces of the country.

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2. House of the Blackheads

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Found resting in the heart of Riga, the UNESCO-listed Old Town quarter, the House of the Blackheads dates back to around the 14th century.

One of the city’s most iconic landmarks, the House of the Blackheads has seen the country and rest of Europe engulfed in war and has felt the effects.

Victim to bombing during WWII, the building was carefully rebuilt and returned back to its former glory.

The building’s exterior immediately captures the eye with its intricate features and a number of spires that rise from the pointy roof.

Today, tours are available, allowing you to experience both the exterior and classy interior, complete with chandeliers.

Exhibits here include personal items once owned by the famous Brotherhood of the Blackheads, including silverware and paintings.

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3. Latvian National Opera Theater

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The grand Latvian National Opera Theater is the country’s national opera theater.

Inside the Theater, seats rise up multiple levels.

Offering an intimate setting, the Theater has been updated over the years and is a fitting venue for visitors looking to experience one of the country’s most important cultural hubs.

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4. Riga Castle

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Resting on the banks of the River Daugava that flows through the city, Riga Castle is a truly historic European landmark.

Hundreds of years old, the Castle is today home to the President of Latvia.

One of the great sights in the city, the castle has been modified throughout the years, both losing and gaining features from different historical periods throughout the castle’s existence.

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5. St Peter’s Church

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Glorious St Peter’s Church, found close to the House of the Blackheads, is home to the city’s tallest tower.

Over 100 metres tall, the Church, displaying some Gothic features, forms part of the important UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Inside the Church, the stunning altar awaits. With exposed brick, and lovely windows allowing natural light inside, this makes for a magical experience.

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6. Three Brothers

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Another of Riga’s landmarks found within the city’s Old Town, the famed Three Brothers are a series of buildings that are some of the oldest buildings in the city and indeed, the country.

Varying slightly in appearance, these buildings demonstrate the gradual changes in architectural trends over the years.

These Medieval dwellings are believed to have been constructed by three men all from the same family.

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