7 of the most surreal landscapes on the planet

surreal landscapes

In search of strange and surreal sights? We nominate 7 truly surreal destinations found around the planet that really capture the imagination and at times, are difficult to truly believe actually exist.

We start our surreal journey with a look at one of Turkey’s most eye-catching sights.

1. Cappadocia

surreal landscapes

In heart of Turkey, the region known as Cappadocia is one of the most surreal sights you are likely to ever experience on the planet.

The area is known for its rather unique-looking chimney-esque rock formations that make the landscape appear other-worldly.

Rocks that resemble honeycomb formations have buildings clinging onto them and in some locations, taking full advantage of the rock with homes burrowed deep into the rock face leading underground where the temperature is much cooler.

A popular past time, the landscape is best witnessed on board one of the many hot air balloons that hover about this magical landscape.

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2. Crater Lake

surreal landscapes

Found in the west of the United States, Crater Lake situated in South Oregon is a staggering sight.

Often with calm waters that appear almost dream-like, the lake is famed for its deep blue water.

The site where a meteor dramatically crashed after hurtling down from space, the aptly named Crater Lake, complete with a small, isolated island attracts visitors from around the world, all looking to experience one of the North American continents most surreal and calm landscapes.

It is rare to find the impact site of a meteor so perfectly preserved without the vegetation claiming back the landscape.

Walking around Crater Lake is truly other-worldly.

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3. Darvas Gas Crater

A continuously burning fire for over 40 years, that’s our next surreal selection.

More commonly referred to as ‘the Door to Hell’ Darvas Gas Crater found in Turkmenistan is a large crater whose location on an oil field creates the perfect fiery conditions.

This surreal sight could be lifted straight out of the pages of a sci-fi novel and almost looks like a great star dying in far off space.

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4. Grand Prismatic Spring

An array of colour awaits should you decide to pay a visit to the Grand Prismatic Spring located in Yellowstone National Park.

This hot spring is one of the parks many highlights and accessed via carefully placed walkways that allow you to get as close and safety permits.

The central point of the Spring ranges from turquoise to deep blue in colour, a result of the volcanic minerals released by the spring.

It’s hard to fathom that this great American natural attraction is a result stemming from the sheer force of nature.

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5. Lake Natron

surreal landscapes

Heading across to Africa, Lake Natron, home to countless Flamingos rests on the tectonic East African Rift.

Thanks to the mineral-rich water found in the lake, Lake Natron has been known to calcify animals.

Like a trap, the vast salt lake’s almost mirror-like surface tricks birds not used to the water’s properties into landing in the water and ultimately losing their life.

Despite the toxic conditions, Lake Natron is haven to highly adaptable Flamingos that have somehow flourished at the Lake.

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6. Salar de Uyuni

surreal landscapes

Bolivian landmark Salar de Uyuni is the world’s largest salt flat.

The salt here was left behind after the lake that originally occupied the area dried up.

The results are surreal and slightly mesmerising. The surface of the salt flat creates an almost reflective mirror finish.

Droves of tourists travel to the salt flat looking to experience this other-worldly landscape for themselves.

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7. Tsingy de Bemaraha

surreal landscapes

UNESCO-listed such is its importance, Tsingy de Bemaraha on the island of Madagascar, is home to huge stretches of almost uniform (at a distance) that defies all of our preconceptions of how natural formations tend to form.

Hard to reach, few really experience this protected reserve up close.

Countless limestone peaks dominate the landscape making the area extremely difficult to navigate with the main viewing point requiring visitors climb up the face of the peaks before arriving at a bridge walkway.

From the popular viewing point, you can gaze out across this striking landscape that at points see rocks defy gravity seemingly held in position by the smallest of threads of rock.

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