Beautiful Brazil – 6 extraordinary experiences

rio de janeiro things to do

Heading across the Atlantic away from Europe, we have recently gone out in search of the highlights found on the great continent of South America.

First looking at the natural beauty of Argentina, today we turn our attention to beautiful Brazil and the wonderful experiences, visual and cultural, that can make a holiday to this country truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Join us as we start with arguably the most iconic Brazilian landmark, a symbol of the country, Christ the Redeemer.

1. Christ the Redeemer

rio de janeiro things to do

One of the planet’s most iconic statues, the towering Christ the Redeemer depicts one of the world’s most important religious figures with his arms spread in a welcoming gesture as the statue looks out over the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Constructed over a nine-year period from 1922 through to 1931, the statue is both a work of art and feat of engineering.

The statue is rather exposed on a cliff edge, accessible via a network of paths that take visitors up to this fantastic vantage point of Rio de Janeiro.

Around 30 metres high, the statue then rests atop an 8-metre pedestal adding to the spectacle.

The statue is one of the most instantly recognisable landmarks in the world and is a symbol of both Brazil and the greater South American continent.

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2. Copacabana

rio de janeiro things to do

Famed for its long-stretching beach, Copacabana attracts millions of visitors each year.

The beach stretches over 2 miles along the Rio De Janeiro’s coastline and it is just as well.

Huge numbers head down to the beach to relax, particularly during the peak holiday season.

Famously, the beach is a popular New year’s celebration spot where party goers can gaze up and out at the city’s fireworks display let off just off the coastline.

Beyond the beach, you will find a vast selection of shops and restaurants close to the beach front, perfect for grabbing a bite to eat or a search for the perfect holiday memento.

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3. Fernando de Noronha

rio de janeiro things to do

Lying off the Brazilian mainland, Fernando de Noronha is actually a cluster of islands that have all taken the name of the biggest of the islands grouped together.

Known for its volcanic activity influenced landscape, the archipelago contains over 20 beautiful islands.

Deemed hugely important, Fernando de Noronha is home to a protected national marine park and complex ecosystem.

Thanks in part to their rugged coastline, potential visitors will be pleased to learn that the archipelago boasts a number of idyllic beaches perfect for relaxation and sampling the generous South American climate.

Unsurprisingly, snorkelling and scuba diving are popular pastimes here with Fernando de Noronha’s coastline home to an array of sea life including Dolphins, Sharks, and Sea Turtles.

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4. Iguazu Falls

rio de janeiro things to do

Split between neighbouring Argentina, the south of Brazil is home to Foz do Iguaca, the perfect base for visiting Iguazu Falls.

This tremendous waterfall system is the largest of its kind in the world that sees water tumble down by the millions of gallons.

Some parts of the waterfall fall down into tiered stages, creating an almost step-like effect.

One of the country’s most popular attractions, Iguazu Falls is well-equipped for providing the best vantage points where you can gaze out across this natural wonder.

There is a handy network of raised walking paths available that almost float above the water taking visitors to a dramatic edge point.

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5. Rio De Janeiro

rio de janeiro things to do

A massive, MASSIVE city, Rio De Janeiro as well as being home to a number of memorable highlights included in today’s list, is a great city to experience first-hand.

Beyond the beach and the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue, there is much to see and do during a visit to one of the world’s biggest cities.

Corcovado, another great Brazilian mountain, offers some great views of the city and surrounding countryside.

A great concentration of cultural highlights can also be found around the Santa Teresa district, including a number of art galleries and restaurants where you can review the day’s activities and plan your next port of call on your Brazilian adventure.

One of the great Samba capitals of the world, the city is renowned around the world for its nightlife and celebratory Carnival.

A vibrant fusion of dancing and colourful costumes, the Carnival is one of the greatest festivals in the global calendar, taking place every year in March.

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6. Sugarloaf Mountain

rio de janeiro things to do

Sugarloaf Mountain rests on the very edge of Guanabara Bay, is one of the last landmasses before entering the deep South Atlantic Ocean that eventually leads on to the Antarctic continent.

A rewarding journey and grand finale, complete with dazzling views, the summit of the mountain can be reached via cable car.

On route, you will be able to look out across Rio de Janeiro’s skyline.

Protected by a magical mountain range, the city has grown between the mountainous peaks that have seen skyscrapers rapidly rise up attempting to compete with their natural neighbours.

With the majority of mountains covered in greenery, the difference between man-made structures and the natural landscape creates a stunning contrast barely matched elsewhere on the planet.

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