8 Breathtaking places to visit throughout the Faroe Islands

faroe islands things to do

The magical Faroe Islands are some of the most spectacular islands on the planet.

Scenic, calm, and an extremely welcoming holiday destination, the Faroe Islands are sparsely populated with an intriguing landscape that makes the country an ideal hiking destination.

Characterised by huge open spaces, the Faroes are famously forest-free which makes for huge stretches of greenery following the contours of the country’s tremendously varied terrain.

Here are 8 breathtaking sights to be admired throughout this special collection of islands.

1. Drangarnir Gates

faroe islands things to do

Comprised of two spectacular sea stacks, the striking Drangarnir Gates can be found resting in the sea between the islands of Vagar and Tindhólmur.

Only reached by following a difficult hiking route, the stunning gates can be made out from a number of vantage points in the distance should you decide to opt against committing to the hike.

2. Eysturoy

faroe islands things to do

The island of Eysturoy or ‘East Island’, is one of the biggest Faroes (second largest in fact).

Home to a large portion of the country’s population, Eysturoy is one of the easiest to navigate around.

Highlights found throughout include the spectacular waterfall Fossá, the tallest mountain in the country – Slættaratindur and a long fjord known as Kongshavn.

Bit of Trivia – Slættaratindur rises over 800 metres!

3. Gasadalur

faroe islands things to do

The village is a candidate right up there for being the village placed in the most dramatic of settings.

Once isolated off from the rest of the island, a tunnel was constructed through a mountain to connect Gasadalur with the rest of the Faroes.

Currently, the village has less than 20 residents!

Previously, visitors used to have to hike over the mountain to reach the village! During the warmer months, Gasadalur is surrounded by lush greenery.

Rocky peaks provide a dramatic backdrop to the village and during more turbulent weather, slightly shield the village from the elements.

However, it’s the sight of Mulafossur Waterfall that will capture your imagination.

One of the most beautiful sights in the world, the waterfall cascades dramatically off the edge of the island into the Atlantic.

Travelling to Gasadalur is a chance to experience a stunning location that many will only ever experience by looking at photographs.

4. Mykines

faroe islands things to do

A country comprised of 18 recognised main islands, Mykines is the westernmost Faroe Island.

Some of the more scenic sights across the Faroes can be found around the island, including a picturesque lighthouse set on a narrow cliff top, and just off the coast, the small and spikey islet Tindhólmur.

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As mentioned previously, Drangarnir Gates can be observed from a number of places including Mykines.

The views close to the lighthouse at Mykineshólmur are again, truly special – a theme throughout this mesmerising country.

5. Meet the locals

faroe islands things to do

Throughout the Faroes, visitors often come across a variety of different seabirds, horses, and sheep that can cause a nuisance on the Faroes’ network of roads.

Famously, Atlantic Puffins call the cliffs of the Faroes home. Nestled along countless cliff ledges, Puffins are memorable birds thanks to their parrot-like beaks.

Another lesser-known bird to visitors is the Oystercatcher – the Faroe Islands’ National Bird.

6. Saksun

faroe islands things to do

A standout location on the island of Streymoy, the village of Saksun is surrounded by hills and mountains.

Quite literally, the imposing landscape almost encircles the tiny and remote village.

Holidaymakers that venture to Saksun will be met with a peaceful, serene atmosphere and the sight of the village’s 19th-century church.

Time your visit correctly to coincide with low tide and you can even walk along the shores of the fjord close to the village.

7. Sorvagsvatn

faroe islands things to do

The largest lake on the Faroes, Sorvagsvatn is another of the planet’s great spectacles.

From a number of angles, Sorvagsvatn appears to nearly drop off the edge of the island.

However, this an optical illusion caused by the surrounding rock formations that twist and slope down forming a basin where the lake has settled.

8. Streymoy

faroe islands things to do

The largest of the Faroes and home to the country’s capital (more on that later), holidaymakers will likely start their Faroe adventure on Streymoy.

As well as Saksun, the magical cliffs of Vestmanna and Koltur and must-visits.

The capital, Tórshavn, is a popular cruise port of call where you will find the old fortress Skansin that once protected the capital from threats and the area known as Tinganes, characterized by stark wooden, red-painted homes.

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