Poland’s glorious High Tatras – 6 Reasons why you should visit

A spectacular holiday destination, the Tatra Mountains region is known for its stunning mountainous landscapes, sharp peaks, vast Gorge and flowing fields full of greenery.

Taking inspiration from two excellent holiday itineraries – one walking, one escorted, we will provide some inspirational holiday food for thought with 6 reasons why you should visit Poland’s High Tatra Mountain regions.

Ranging from essential walking experiences, National Parks home to a wealth of wildlife, to the region’s proximity to one of Europe’s greatest city destinations, join us with a look at this beautiful part of the world.

1. Dunajec River Gorge

tatra mountains hiking

Found within Pieninski National Park, the awe-inspiring scenery of Dunajec River Gorge can be experienced during a gentle raft journey where expert Raftsmen follow the winding river through some memorable scenery.

The rafting journey takes roughly 2-3 hours before arriving close to the Slovakian border at the village of Sromowce.

Throughout the journey, you will pass stunning rock formations standing close to the river with sharp peaks looming off in the distance.

Particularly in summer, the great Gorge is one of Poland’s spectacular natural sights. The mountainous landscape is dominated by forest that has spread across the Gorge right down to the water’s edge.

Dunajec River Gorge is of extreme natural importance where the makeup of the land has allowed experts to chart the evolving landscape back over 60 million years.

2. Hala Gasienicowa

tatra mountains hiking

Wonderfully picturesque, the Alpine meadow Hala Gasienicowa is an ideal walking spot.

Quite close to the Slovakian border, the area is characterised by lovely flowing green fields that only stop in the face of the mountains and dense forest.

Following one of the trails, the view looking around at the surrounding mountains shared with neighbouring Poland will live long in the memory.

An extremely popular walking area, the terrain here is relatively easy to navigate and can prove to be a perfect introduction to the area before setting off on more challenging walks.

3. Ojcowski National Park

tatra mountains hiking

Poland’s smallest, Ojcowski National Park is certainly no less memorable than the country’s other protected landscapes.

Largely forested, the National Park has its fair share of scenic experiences including a number of massive limestone rock formations including ‘Hercules’ Bludgeon’ and the famous ‘Glove Rock’ formation (pictured).

The Park mostly rests in the stunning Pradnik River Valley that drops down quite steeply in places.

A protected Park since the 1950s, Ojcowski is famed for its diverse selection of plants and animals, including a number of species of bird that seem to thrive throughout the Park.

4. The Wildlife

A key reason countless tourists flock to Poland each and every year, the vast Tatra Mountains region is known for its wildlife.

Tatra National Park is home to Bears, Golden Eagles, impressive rivers, lakes and forested areas with trails showing off some of the best sights in the land whilst providing great opportunities to safely observe wild animals up close.

An extremely important protected landscape, this natural, glacial paradise is a privilege to experience in its unspoiled state.

5. Morskie Oko

tatra mountains hiking

A popular holiday base for visitors in the area, the resort of Zakopane rests at the foot of the glorious Tatras.

The perfect base for exploration, Zakopane is home to a number of lovely restaurants and cafes that are ideal for trying some of the region’s local dishes.

Stepping out of your accommodation and in search of adventure? The large lake Morskie Oko (pictured) is a must.

Around the Tatras, there a number of mountain lakes but Morskie Oko is the most impressive and well-known of them all.

Thousands of visitors pay the lake a visit each year either by foot, bicycle or by car. Surrounded by peaks, the lake is slightly sheltered away from the sun meaning that it can sometimes be quite cold, even during the summer months.

Be sure to allocate yourself time where possible to visit this magical lake whilst exploring the mighty Tatras!

6. Poland’s capital

One of the continent’s greatest cities, Krakow, close to the Czech border, is a great city full of history and intriguing possibilities.

Of course, no great European city of note would be complete without its own major historic landmark and Krakow is no exception.

Wawel Royal Castle dates back to Medieval times and is made out of a series of different buildings all grouped together in a great complex worth exploring if you have the time.

The city also has its own Old Town that is well known in Poland for its historic buildings.

Bit of Trivia – The Old Town is also known as Stare Miasto.

Highlights throughout the Old Town include the towering St. Mary’s Basilica, Market Square, and Cloth Hall.

Heading further out of the city centre, the fascinating Wieliczka Salt Mine takes visitors deep under the ground – over 300 metres under the town of Wieliczka.

Once a sodium mine first used back in the 13th century, this valued UNESCO World Heritage was still in use right up until 2007!

The mine is a maze of corridors.

Dug into the salt rock, visitors can admire everything from rock-salt cut chapels and modern sculptures created by notable local and global artists, to different mining methods employed through the ages within the mine.

A city engulfed in turmoil during WWII, one of the most important historical attractions in the city is undoubtedly Oskar Schindler’s Enamel Factory.

Oskar Schindler, the subject of an Oscar-winning film, is credited with saving the lives of over a thousand Jews during the Holocaust.

Today, you can tour the former industrialist’s factory and learn more about this famous story and the history of the city during the war.

The Polish capital undoubtedly has a lot to offer and is one of the greatest capitals in Europe.

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