5 Tantalising dishes to experience during a European city break escape

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Europe’s greatest cities can often be the ideal destination for a short city break away where you can experience a different culture, admire iconic historical landmarks, and crucially try some authentic, delicious local food that will leave you craving a second helping during the flight home.

Taking inspiration from 5 fantastic city break holidays, here are 5 tantalising dishes to experience whilst visiting some of Europe’s most iconic cities.

So grab your plates and join us as we start with a look at the delightful German capital!

1. Pretzels, Berlin

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Delicious Pretzels!

The German capital is also one of Europe’s great food capitals!

When in town Pretzels can be the perfect snack while you explore this fascinating and diverse city, packed with highlights.

There a number of variations available to buy throughout the city that cater to both sweet and savoury tastes.

The perfect excuse to wander around the different cafes and bakeries, be sure to try a few when roaming around Berlin.

Other iconic German dishes to try whilst in the capital include the famous Bratwurst and Currywurst (an eye-catching local favourite combining Curry and Chili!).

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2. Pierogies, Krakow

Pierogies go extremely well with soured cream!

A lovely dish that, similar to Pretzels, is popular around the world, Pierogies or Dumplings are one of the great Polish dishes.

We thoroughly recommend trying this dish during any visit to the Polish capital, home to some incredible attractions like Wawel Castle, the city’s Main Square and Wieliczka Salt Mine.

Traditionally served at Christmas, there are thankfully plenty of restaurants serving these little delicious dumplings throughout the year!

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3. Pastel de Nata, Lisbon

Pasteis de Nata
These Egg Tarts look ‘egg-citing’

Lovely Portuguese Custard Egg Tarts, Pastel de Nata are often dressed slightly with cinnamon before being served with coffee or something a little stronger.

A great breakfast option, these tarts will provide plenty of fuel for the day exploring one of Portugal’s greatest cities.

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4. Churros with Chocolate, Madrid

Where do we sign up for some Churros???

The perfect reward after a day’s adventure in the Spanish capital, Churros accompanied by a generous helping of chocolate dip is a match made in heaven.

A dish definitely for those with a sweet tooth, every time we have had Churros, it feels like the dish suddenly just disappears!

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5. Wiener Schnitzel, Vienna

Wiener Schnitzel
When in Krakow, be sure to try one of Austria’s National Dishes!

Whilst wandering around and experiencing Vienna, one of the most important cultural cities in the world, we thoroughly recommend trying one of the country’s National Dishes, Wiener Schnitzel.

Deep-fried, breaded veal often served with a slice of lemon and vegetables, this traditional dish is also popular in neighbouring Germany.

Local Chefs are known to be very particular when preparing this dish as they all aim to have the best Wiener Schnitzel in Vienna!

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