Dubrovnik – 6 eye-catching Adriatic sights you need to experience

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We focus on 6 immense Adriatic sights to look out for and experience yourself during time spent along the Adriatic.

1. Dubrovnik City Cathedral

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With entrance included as part of your holiday, the opportunity to visit Dubrovnik City Cathedral should not be passed up lightly.

The Cathedral has ties to famous Briton Richard the Lionheart and once suffered damage from an earthquake back in the 17th century.

Today, it is one of the city’s most historical important buildings.

Carefully carved stone on the outside, the Cathedral is vast on the inside, with a large domed ceiling shining onto the various features inside.

Music fans – keep an eye out for the organ perched high above you, it’s one of the Cathedral’s key treasures.

2. Dubrovnik Franciscan Monastery

Dubrovnik’s Franciscan Church and Monastery complex lies in the heart of the city.

With some rather lovely renaissance-style character, the Monastery houses a collection of manuscripts and a Pharmacy museum providing insight into the history of medicine through the ages.

The pharmacy here is vast. Featuring some ornate artefects, and old medical instruments, this is not to be missed!

3. Dubrovnik Old Town

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Dubrovnik’s Old Town, famously a filming location frequently featured in television hit series Game of Thrones, is a stunning part of the city.

One of the best preserved Medieval cities in the world, Dubrovnik’s Old Town oozes history and is one of the most visually striking locations in Europe.

Once a crucial trading port, the Old Town today is a major tourist attraction that goes beyond its association with the fantasy series.

Whilst visiting, take the afternoon break on your included tour of the city to visit any out-standing attractions.

Away from the Old Town, you will be rewarded with striking architecture and an opportunity to learn about one of the city’s most prized buildings should you opt to visit the Stradun (main street) where a huge clock tower resides.

4. Elaphiti Islands

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An included boat trip takes you to the charming and relatively unspoilt Elaphiti Islands.

Consisting of a number of small islands, the collective Elaphiti Islands, including Lopud and Ruda, are home to fewer than a thousand people, their natural landscapes left to flourish.

Cruising around these spectacular islands, often referred to as the ‘Deer Islands’, really is one of the greatest experiences available in all of Croatia.

5. Kotor


Once a fortress town, Kotor in Montenegro dates all the way back to the 5th century.

Resting on the shoreline of the Bay of Kotor, the town is set within a senic fjord-like valley.

During your included tour, be sure to look out for both Kotor Cathedral and the Old Port.

6. Our Lady of the Rocks

A short boat ride away from Kotor, Our Lady of the Rocks out in the Bay is comprised of two inlets.

Man-made, the two small islands are a major landmark whose most notable feature is a sole church, complete with blue-painted, domed turrets.

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