Prague – 7 Classic Czech landmarks to admire

A European great, Prague is highly rated around the world as a city break destination.

Here are 7 of Prague’s greatest landmarks, some of the most important historical sites on the European continent.

Updated – November 2019!

1. Charles Bridge

Crossing the Vltava River, Charles Bridge is one of Prague’s key attractions.

First constructed in the 14th century, the bridge is of huge historical importance, connecting the city’s Old Town and Lesser Town.

The bridge has certainly stood the test of time, surviving multiple floods that have caused widespread damage in the city over the years.

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2. The Powder Tower

The Powder Tower

The Powder Tower or Prasna Brana is one of the key landmarks found in Prague.

Actually separating the city’s Old Town and New Town, the Powder Tower was once one of many gates that guarded Prague’s old Town.

Bit of Trivia – the tower once housed gunpowder, giving rise to its name

Something of an architectural icon, the tower is a must-see when journeying around the famous city.

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3. Old Town Square

Prague’s historic Old Town Square is often one of the busiest parts of Prague.

A place where locals and tourists often find themselves drawn to over the centuries, the Old Town Square is perhaps the heart of Prague.

The square’s origins can be traced back to the 12th century with key attractions here being the Old Town Hall and Church of Our Lady.

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4. Petrin Tower

Standing over 60 metres, the Petrin Lookout Tower bears a slight resemblance to Paris’ renowned Eiffel Tower.

In fact, Petrin Tower’s design was actually inspired by the fantastic French landmark.

A key cultural attraction, the tower has functioned as both a transmission tower and observation tower.

Built as part of an exhibition in the late 19th century, visitors can climb the steps of the tower where you can look out and take in incredible views of the surrounding city.

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5. Prague Castle

UNESCO-listed, Prague Castle is made up of a series of different buildings, the first of which was built all the way back in the 9th century.

Amongst the buildings include a number of individual palaces.

Different architectural styles have been introduced to the Castle complex’s appearance that those with a keen eye will be able to notice as they explore this important historic attraction.

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6. Prague Astronomical Clock

One of the oldest of its kind on the planet, Prague’s Astronomical Clock is somehow still in operation despite being constructed in the 15th century!

Hanging from the city’s Old Town Hall, the clock is on full display to public.

A key part of the clock, the astronomical dial represents the positions of both the moon and the sun.

Wonderfully intricate, the clock is a magical feat of engineering.

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7. St Vitus Cathedral

Like many of the world’s great landmarks, St Vitus Cathedral took many years to complete.

In fact, the cathedral took close to 600 years to construct. The biggest church in the city, St Vitus, as well as being a place of worship, is also where the country’s Crown Jewels are kept.

Rising high into Prague’s skyline, St Vitus is prime example of striking Gothic architecture.

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