A remarkable Rhine Getaway – A glimpse at the itinerary


Searching for the ultimate Rhine river cruise? Exploring a fantastic Rhine Getaway cruise departing throughout 2020, here’s a glimpse at an experience-filled itinerary that may just provide some much-needed holiday inspiration.

Day 1: Arrive & enjoy Amsterdam, Netherlands

Rhine Getaway cruise

The Dutch capital Amsterdam is a stunningly beautiful city enjoyed on foot or on two wheels, cycling around this fascinating network of canals where you can find both historic and modern attractions and points of interest throughout.

Highlights in the city include the vast National Museum, the Rijksmuseum and a museum dedicated to the life and work of Vincent Van Gogh.

Charting the life and work of the genius but troubled Van Gogh, visiting the Vincent Van Gogh Museum really is taking a journey through the painter’s development where you admire some of his most famous works of art.

Elsewhere in the city, the massive network of canals makes for perfect strolling locations. There are literally hundreds of waterways throughout the city, ideal for taking a romantic walk or two, or three!

A popular place to enjoy, Amsterdam’s Dam Square lies in the centre of the city.

Surrounded by famous buildings include the Royal Palace Amsterdam, the Square is a lovely place to rest, relax and enjoy the sights.

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Day 2: Kinderdijk, Netherlands


An extremely popular UNESCO-listed Heritage Site, the series of windmills and feats of engineering on display at Kinderdijk are hundreds of years old.

When visiting, holidaymakers can learn about how different ingenious installations keep water levels manageable in the area and even enter a working windmill – an iconic symbol of the country.

Inside one of the windmills, take the chance to follow the different mechanisms in action as they all contribute to the flowing functions of the windmills.

A stunning piece of architecture, the windmills were expertly crafted hundreds of years ago.

Dating back to the 18th century, the windmills here collectively are one of the most photographed spots in the entire county.

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Day 3: Cologne, Germany

Rhine Getaway Cruise

A fascinating city, Cologne is one of Germany’s oldest cities and an extremely popular river cruising destination.

During an included tour of the city, you get the chance to admire Cologne’s Old Town, St. Martin’s Church, Cologne Cathedral and the Dom.

As the tour travels through centuries of history you pass some grand works of Gothic architecture with the huge Cathedral perhaps the greatest of all Cologne landmarks.

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Day 4: Koblenz, Germany


Another stunning German city, Koblenz is a memorable call included during this getaway.

Disembarking, you will be taken on an informative tour of Ehrenbreitstein Fortress. Alternatively, you may opt to go on an optional excursion journeying to Marksburg Castle.

Over 600 years old, this is perhaps Koblenz’s most iconic historical landmark.

Presenting a difficult decision, there is another intriguing optional excursion available exploring the city on foot.

Returning to the ship in the afternoon, the cruise heads to Rüdesheim.

Resting in the beautiful Rhine Valley, Rüdesheim also lies within an important UNESCO-listed Heritage Site.

Steeped in history, spend free time enjoying the town. We thoroughly recommend wandering down Drosselgasse, admiring Ehrenfels Castle and wandering up to the historic monument Niederwalddenkmal – built to celebrate the unification of Germany.

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Day 5: Speyer, Germany


The next classic German port of call, the town of Speyer on the banks of the Rhine is another town with an important designated UNESCO Heritage Site.

Speyer Cathedral, first constructed in the 11th century is actually the final resting place of multiple former German monarchs.

Complete with four towers, all with blue-tiled roof, the cathedral is a massive town landmark.

An included tour takes you to the cathedral. In the afternoon, there is an opportunity to visit the romantic town of Heidelberg, famed for its period buildings, cobbled streets, and the brooding ruins of Heidelberg Castle where you can look out across the surrounding Neckar Valley.

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Day 6: Strasbourg, France

rhine getaway cruise

Combining German and French influences, the city of Strasbourg is actually the seat of the European Parliament.

Resting right on the border, the city is toured before allocated free time gives you the chance to explore more of the city and tick off any key highlights you have your mind set on.

In a country closely linked with fine food, an optional tour featuring food tastings throughout may prove to be too tempting an opportunity to pass up!

Alternatively, you can make the most of the day with an optional tour heading into Alsatian wine country for an afternoon spent learning about the famous export with an included tasting.

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Day 7: Breisach, Germany

rhine getaway cruise

Often a starting point for holidaymakers seeking to experience the beautiful Black Forest region, the town of Breisach in the Rhine Valley often referred to as ‘The Gateway to the Black Forest’.

A scenic excursion takes you through rolling hills, vibrant forests with the region offering beautiful wide open spaces experienced in few other destinations found elsewhere on the European continent.

Perhaps you may consider going on a fascinating excursion to the town of Colmar just over the border in France.

Full of renaissance charm, Colmar is one of the most picturesque towns in all of Europe.

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Day 8: Basel, Switzerland

rhine getaway cruise
Choose to extend between Basel (left) or Lucerne (right).

Arriving in Basel, you are then transported to the airport for your flight home.

An option for holidaymakers seeking to extend their Rhine Getaway, you can choose to add a further two nights in Lucerne or Basel.

Lucerne on the banks of Lake Lucerne is famed for its medieval architecture whereas Basel on the banks of the Rhine has a wonderfully Old Town dating back to the Medieval Ages.

Rhine Getaway 2020

Explore the full itinerary and check the latest price and availability here.

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