6 Marvels of Jordan & Petra

A wonderful holiday destination and home to some of the most spectacular landscape on the planet, Jordan is a fascinating country where you can encounter spectacular desert, sand dunes and one of the great wonders of the world, the ancient city of Petra.

We celebrate a wondrous ‘Jordan & Petra Escorted Tour’, that, as well as taking in the wonder of Petra, provides the chance to experience some of the greatest marvels this Middle Eastern paradise has to offer.

This epic Middle Eastern escape, featuring a range of dates departing from the UK, takes you on a grand tour of memorable locations that some notable figures in history, including Lawrence of Arabia and Alexander the Great have also enjoyed first-hand.

The main highlight, Petra, is one of the great wonders of the world, and a truly historic location and once-in-a-lifetime experience.

1. Seven Pillars of Wisdom

petra jordan - pillars of wisdom

Taking its name from T.E Lawrence’s biography, the Seven Pillars of Wisdom rock formation is a stunning sight that rises out of the Wadi Rum Desert.

Lawrence once described the formation as ‘vast, echoing and god-like’.

The formation can be found close to the desert’s dedicated visitor centre.

More commonly known as Lawrence of Arabia, T.E Lawrence, depicted by Peter O’Toole in the epic 1962 film, was a British liaison to rebel Arab forces who fought against the Ottoman Turkish Empire over a two-year period during the first World War.

The film was actually shot on location in areas around Jordan and famously the film reels were damaged by the scorching desert sun. More recently, Wadi Rum featured in the global hit Star Wars Franchise.

2. Wadi Rum Desert

petra jordan - wadi rum desert

Wadi Rum Desert also goes by another name, the ‘Valley of the Moon’.

One of the hottest places on Earth, the desert is famed for its varied terrain and colourful history.

This desert environment is one of the most striking places on Earth.

As you drive through the desert, it’s sheer scale will amaze you.

As well as finding the previously mentioned Seven Pillars here, you will also find the famous Lawrence’s Spring, named after Lawrence of Arabia.

Whilst visiting the area, this is the prime opportunity to learn more about traditional Bedouin culture that dates back thousands of years.

3. Dead Sea

petra jordan - dead sea

The Dead Sea rests hundreds of metres below sea level. With very high salt levels, the Dead Sea has a trick up its sleeve.

As you wade in, you will feel a strange sensation as the water keeps you afloat and lets you drift around effortlessly.

A very peculiar sensation indeed!

4. Jerash

petra jordan - jerash

With ruins that resemble those find found in classical Rome, the ancient city of Jerash dates back thousands of years.

Once under Roman rule, the city has been inhabited for over 6000 years!

The ruins here are vast, allowing you to get a true sense of this ancient city’s layout.

Known as ‘The Pompeii of the East’, Jerash’s most popular attraction is the ancient Nymphaeum (pictured).

An old public fountain, the Nymphaeum is fantastically well-preserved and despite the challenging environment, it has stood for centuries.

5. Mount Nebo

petra jordan - mount nebo

Before you even reach Mount Nebo, the preceding road will have taken you through some great sights.

Reportedly the spot where historic figure Moses first saw the Promised Land, Mount Nebo is a very symbolic location.

Offering a fantastic vantage point, visitors can look around for miles and even catch sight of the Red Sea and Jerusalem.

Also found at the site, visitors can admire some uncovered mosaics that date back to around the 6th century.

6. Petra

One of the 7 wonders of the world, Petra has to be seen to be believed.

Any images cannot do this iconic location justice, although some get pretty close.

Although a lot is known about the site, there is a lot of myths and questions that have yet to be explored or solved about this famous place.

Once a thriving city that sprung up to take advantage of a trading route, shifting trails eventually led to Petra’s demise and it was left to the elements.

A UNESCO-listed World Heritage Site since the mid-1980s, if Petra, dating back to around 300 B.C, is not on your bucket list, add it today.

Be sure to take your time exploring the city. Walk through the narrow Siq entrance, spend some time at the theatre, and take in the glorious Treasury, a beautiful piece of architecture carved into the sandstone.

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