A beautiful Greek Island will pay you to live there

Greek Island
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Have you ever thought about moving to a sunny island in the Mediterranean?

A stunning island in Greece is willing to pay people to live there. Yes, the island of Antikythera is currently searching for new inhabitants to join the island community.

Home to just over 20 people that rises to 40 in the summer months, the island is seeking to grow its population.

As reported by the Greek website iefimerida, the scheme, sponsored by the Greek Orthodox Church, is ideally looking for young families that can prosper on the island.

Those deciding to move to Antikythera will be paid €500 per month.

Lying between the Greek islands of Crete and Kythira, Antikythera is around 40 minutes by plane from the Greek capital Athens.

The island is in need for a skilled baker, fisherman and breeder, with the majority of the population aging.

Find out more about this initiative aimed at ‘reviving’ Antikythera’s population on the island’s website.

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