14 of the most beautiful places in the USA

As it is Thanksgiving we thought we would shed light on some of the most beautiful places found across the gigantic United States.

Starting in Colorado Springs, we begin our scenic exploration of this vast and beautiful country.

1. Garden of the Gods

Where to Stay? Colorado Springs

Wonderfully named, the Garden of the Gods can be found in Colorado Springs.

A designated natural landmark, this awe-inspiring collection of different sandstone formations rise dramatically at different gravity-defying angles.

Some of the formations are extremely sharp-looking and rise to become almost needle points.

Adding to the beauty of the famous location, the landscape here is generously green contrasting with spectacular results with bright orange sandstone.

Free to visit and open to the public, the garden, that sees some rock formations rise hundreds of feet, is believed to have once been massive sand dunes that have slowly eroded over time leaving these angular formations in their place.

The Garden of the Gods is a must-visit for any holidaymaker looking to experience some of the greatest, most dramatic and beautiful scenery this vast country has to offer.

2. Pebble Beach

Where to Stay? Pebble Beach

One of the most scenic places on the entire continent, Pebble Beach is a simply stunning part of California.

Home to some of the best-loved golf courses in the state, Pebble Beach offers a beautiful stretch of coastline that visitors can enjoy.

Most notably, one of the most photographed places in the entire country can be found in Pebble Beach.

Resting to the side of a long scenic road known as 17-Mile Drive, a lone Cypress Tree (pictured) stands on a granite ledge.

Believed to be more than 200 years old, the tree is a national icon all on its own right.

3. Lake Tahoe

Where to Stay? Lake Tahoe

Resting high up in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Lake Tahoe is another wondrous USA location.

It is easy to understand why this part of the country is a major tourist destination. The scenery here is sublime with the surrounding mountains attracting skiers when the conditions are right during the winter months.

Lake Tahoe, it’s shore lined with think forest with waters adding a beautiful blend of turquoise and deep blue to the setting, is one of the country’s most stunning locations.

Beyond the main attraction, you can explore the surrounding countryside by following a number of hiking and cycling trails available throughout the area.

4. Sequoia National Park

Where to Stay? Fresno

Often visited alongside the Kings Canyon National Park, Sequoia National Park is home to famous giant red Sequoia tree.

At times terrifyingly tall, the sheer size of the trees really have to be seen in the flesh to be truly appreciated.

Located to the south of California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains, these colossal trees prosper in this protected landscape.

These giant natural skyscrapers can grow to achieve heights of over 200 feet at times.

Something of a celebrity and one of the elder statesman in the park, the tallest Sequoia still growing here goes by the name General Sherman.

Towering high above his neighbours, the ‘General’ stands out immediately when visiting the park.

5. Crater Lake

most beautiful places usa

Where to Stay? Klamath Falls

Heading further north up the country’s Pacific coastline, Oregon’s magnificent Crater Lake is a beautifully calm body of water.

The result of a violent volcanic eruption thousands of years ago, the crater slowly but surely collected rainwater in its basin left behind after the once-tall peak was destroyed.

Deceivingly deep at points, the calm and deep blue water here ensures that Crater Lake is one of the most tranquil locations in the country.

Resting just off the edges of the lake, a lone island covered in greenery during the summer months and shaped like a mini volcano all on its own is the only landmass found on the lake.

Taking a seat from one of the perfectly placed vantage points around the lake is a highly recommended experience.

6. Palouse

Where to Stay? Fallon

You would be forgiven for thinking we have somehow included Tuscany on our list of most beautiful spots in the US.

Bearing a strong resemblance to the lovely rolling landscapes found in the iconic Italian region, the region of Palouse in Washington is a distinctly beautiful stretch of landscape.

An agricultural hub, the huge stretches of farmland add different splashes of colour to the landscape, ranging from the deepest green to shades of brown and yellow.

Tucked away in the region, visitors will even find a beautiful waterfall lifted straight from pages of a fairy tale epic such is the Palouse Falls’ charm.

7. Devil’s Tower

most beautiful places usa

Where to Stay? Devil’s Tower

Immortalised in the sci-fi epic ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’ back in the late 1970s, Wyoming’s Devil’s Tower is one of the most famous landmarks in the USA.

An official National Monument, this monolithic mass is famously almost flat-topped and rises over 300 metres above the surrounding countryside.

This huge rock has a cracked, lined and carved appearance. These same features ensure that Devil’s Tower is popular with climbers who flock to the landmark, arriving from all over the world to travel through gentle prairie land before reaching the intimidatingly titled monolith.

8. Honokohau Falls

most beautiful places usa

Where to Stay? Maui

Heading out into the Pacific, the romantic islands of Hawaii are our next beautiful stop.

A key natural attraction on an island full of natural beauty, Maui’s Honokohau Falls is a stunning sight.

Reached by helicopter, this huge waterfall flows down the island’s mountainous terrain.

Surrounded by vibrant green foliage, the waterfall, starting close to the top of mountainside, can sometimes be crowned with a slight haze of fog, only adding to the fall’s dramatic beauty.

9. New York

Where to Stay? New York

A list of beautiful locations wouldn’t be complete without including one of the country’s iconic cities.

The ‘Big Apple’ New York has one of the most recognisable skylines in the world. Huge modern, man-made skyscrapers dominate the city alongside older landmarks each with their own character including the renowned Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge, and out on its own island – the symbolic Statue of Liberty.

Nestled amongst some of the most famous streets in the country, the city’s Central Park is the perfect place to admire the beauty of the city whilst enjoying this lovely relaxing setting.

10. Antelope Canyon

most beautiful places usa

Where to Stay? Page

Touring the renowned Antelope Canyon is a supreme and other-worldly experience.

A narrow canyon (extremely narrow at points) the journey through the canyon is not for everyone although visitors that commit to the journey are well rewarded.

Wandering through the canyon, wind and water erosion has carved sandstone here into different flowing formations that twist and bend into all kinds of different angles.

The canyon’s awe-inspiring formations are beautiful, particularly at points where only a small trickle of light makes its way down to the canyon floor.

11. White Mountains

most beautiful places usa

Where to Stay? New Hampshire

Perfect ‘leaf-peeping’ territory during the continent’s famous fall season, New Hampshire’s White Mountains offers unforgettable sights as the landscape transforms into a hue of different colours.

As the dense forest foliage evolves into tones of orange, brown, yellow and red, visitors arrive into the area to enjoy the spellbinding of North America in the full of Fall.

12. Horseshoe Bend

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Where to Stay? Page

Another amazing Arizona natural wonder, the famed Horseshoe Bend, simply put, offers one of the best views on the planet.

The ultimate vantage point where the Colorado river bends, this hiking spot offers great views looking down on a vast canyon landscape.

Keen travellers often time their visit to coincide with either sunrise or sunset when Horseshoe Bend is at its best.

13. Maroon Bells

Where to Stay? Aspen

The mountainous peaks of Maroon Bells in the Elk Mountains of Colorado are a postcard-perfect landmark.

Often snow-tipped, the peaks, found close to Aspen, are surrounded by a beautiful lake and dense forest that evolve in colour with the changing seasons.

14. Reflection Canyon

most beautiful places usa

Where to Stay? Page

Venturing back into the country’s wilderness, Reflection Canyon is one of Utah’s most popular hiking attractions amongst experienced hiking enthusiasts.

Close to Lake Powell, the Canyon is a striking sight. Part of Glen Canyon, Reflection Canyon is one of the most photographed places in the USA, it’s beauty immortalised in countless images that have spread across the internet and in popular culture.

On arrival, visitors are welcomed by a carved out river where reflective water mirrors the sky above.

This is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful places in the USA.

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