A wildlife paradise – 7 animals on Mull for ‘Eagle-eyed’ visitors to look out for

Mull Wildlife Tours - Puffins

Stepping into the wild, the Isle of Mull is a simply stunning part of Scotland where visitors, particularly during the warmer months, are welcomed by a fantastic blend of different eye-catching animals living amongst the scenic beauty of one of Scotland’s largest islands.

A natural bird haven, Mull is also known for its array of sea life including memorable mammals like Seals, Otters and, at times, Dolphins.

Taking inspiration from a fantastic Mull wildlife tour, here are 7 animals to look out for in this beautiful part of the country.

1. Guillemots (Oban)


The scenic starting point and gateway to some of the most beautiful parts of Scotland, the historic holiday resort of Oban is the perfect place to kick-start your journey into the Scottish wild.

Taking to the waters on a short ferry crossing, keep a keen eye out for a variety of memorable seabirds including Black Guillemots (pictured).

These lovely birds spend their free time relaxing around various parts of the harbour.

2. Golden Eagles (Mull)

Sea Eagles

The spectacular Isle of Mull, one of the largest islands in the country, is a wildlife paradise.

Joining an included circular walk of the island, an expert will highlight different animals to look out for and also provide a bit of background on their habits and behaviour.

Crucially, the walk presents the opportunity to catch a glimpse of impressive Golden Eagles (pictured) that patrol the island interior and coastline.

A national icon on their own right, mighty Red Deer also call Mull home.

Enjoying the Treshnish Isles

Treshnish Isles Mull Wildlife Tours

A natural wildlife haven, the wonderfully romantic Treshnish Isles, found just to the west of Mull, are an extremely important and valued collection of islands ranging in size, all home to complex ecosystems.

3. Fulmars


A lovely seabird, Fulmars can be spotted nesting around the islands, making themselves at home in lovely, often colourful vegetation.

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Staying on the Treshnish Isles forms a crucial moment in the birds’ annual calendar.

4. Atlantic Puffins

Atlantic Puffins Mull Wildlife Tours

One of the most photogenic animals on the planet, the extremely cute Atlantic Puffins come in droves to the Treshnish Isles.

Huge numbers of the little iconic birds can often be observed going about their business around the local area.

Whether relaxing on the ragged coastline or plunging down into the waters below in search of their next catch, the Puffins are a definite wildlife highlight.

5. Razorbills

Razorbills - Mull Wildlife Tours

Amongst the impressive variety of birds that can be spotted around the Treshnish Isles and onto Staffa, the black and white Razorbills are instantly recognisable thanks to their rather pronounced beaks.

Bearing a close resemblance to Penguins found in the colder stretches of the planet, keep an eye out for these curious birds during any visit admiring the treasured wildlife in and around Mull.

6. Otters


Otter spotting around the Isle of Mull is a popular activity amongst locals and tourists alike.

Mull is home to a healthy population of these fascinating creatures that can be found across the coastline and sometimes further in-land.

Well camouflaged on the coast when relaxing surrounded by seaweed, otters are easier to spot when hunting for fish, their heads bobbing around as they scour the shallow waters for their latest meal.

7. Atlantic Grey Seals

 Otter - Mull Wildlife Tours

Sometimes massive, Atlantic Grey Seals can be only found in the North Atlantic.

As well as Common Seals, the bigger Atlantic Grey Seals tend to be spotted further out to sea.

The still impressive Common Seals tend to stick closer to the shoreline, taking advantage of the rocky terrain where they can take a break from the water.

Enjoy the wildlife paradise of Mull

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