The Spectacular Cinque Terre – 8 classic walking experiences

Cinque Terre

Taking holidaymakers to a spectacular stretch of Italy’s classic coastline, we explore a fantastic Cinque Terre walking holiday starting on the shores of Lake Maggiore before following in the footsteps of the rich and famous into the beauty of the special Cinque Terre region.

1. Lake Maggiore

Lake Maggiore

The true scenic beauty of Lake Maggiore is known around the world.

Whether shared via word of mouth, across the pages of popular travel magazines or admired on web pages throughout the online world, this extremely famous Italian holiday destination is undoubtedly one of Italy’s greatest holiday retreat spots.

Spending three nights during the holiday on the shores of Maggiore, any free time should be wisely spent journeying to some of the great lake’s most iconic treasures including the Borromean Islands and the grand Isola Madre.

Alongside Lake Garda, Maggiore is one of the essential holiday destinations in Italy for any holidaymaker with aspirations of experiencing the very best of the ‘Beautiful country’.

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2. Genoa


A deeply historic port city, Genoa was once at the heart of world trade.

The city has strong maritime links and offers a number of fascinating attractions to visitors including a number of notable buildings to admire like Genoa Cathedral and important old street Via Garibaldi.

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3. Monterosso


Resting in Liguria, an included train ride during a guided walk takes holidaymakers to the lovely fishing town of Monterosso.

Home to a number of features dating back to medieval times, Monterosso belongs within the important and recognised Cinque Terre coastal region.

A collection of old yet very stylish fishing towns and villages, Monterosso sits on this famous stretch of Italian coastline amongst rather spectacular company.

Despite it’s rather small size, the town has a number of sights to look out and enjoy including an old Gothic church and beach often besieged by the Ligurian Sea.

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4. Portofino


The eye-catching village of Portofino is visited during a third, memorable included walk where holidaymakers really do follow in the footsteps of the rich and famous.

A famous celebrity haunt, Portofino’s secluded harbour offers a shelter away from the camera gaze of everyday life with plenty of opportunity for visitors to enjoy the warmth of the Italian Riviera.

The harbour is home to a contrasting mix of local fishing boats and mega superyachts – the toys of the rich and famous.

Journeying through the village on foot, key local landmarks to look out for range from the hilltop Castello Brown, that has stood over the harbour since the 16th century, and the shore-side Abbey of San Fruttuoso that has its own beach right outside its old walls.

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5. Santa Margherita Ligure

Santa Marherita Ligure cinque terre walking holidays

Staying four nights in the resort of Santa Margherita Ligure gives holidaymakers the opportunity to enjoy the memorable beauty of one of the most popular holiday resorts in the region.

Extremely well-positioned for holidaymakers to venture to surrounding attractions including neighbouring Portofino, the resort is also well-equipped with a variety of restaurants offering fresh local cuisine and a handsome offering of tantalising seafood dishes sure to extinguish any lingering desire for a simple plate of fish and chips and taste of home.

Should you wish to rest up between walks and relax and enjoy the warmth the Italian Riviera is so famous for, there are a number of beaches to select from in both Santa Margherita and the nearby village of Rapallo.

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6. Vercelli

Vercelli cinque terre walking holidays

Found in the ‘Foot of the mountain’ Piedmont, Vercelli is a city with a strong association with rice.

Surrounding Vercelli, huge stretches of rice paddy fields have spread all over the countryside with farmers taking advantage of the favourable conditions to grow the essential grain and send it overseas to all four corners of the world.

During a quick visit to the city, holidaymakers will be able to enjoy the beauty of the city’s colourful architecture as they travel through to the next stop on their Italian adventure.

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7. Vernazza


Walking through the coastal countryside of the famed Cinque Terre making use of well-worn trails taken by farmers for hundreds of years, holidaymakers will eventually stumble upon the beauty of Vernazza, one of the most photographed spots in the entire country.

Resting well within Cinque Terre National Park, Vernazza is one of the most famous towns linked together via a scenic network of coastal paths for visitors to enjoy.

During the descent to the village, holidaymakers will be provided with plenty of fuel for cherished holiday memories as they begin to walk between quaint colourful buildings that cling to the hillside seemingly defying gravity.

Enjoying lunch in the village, holidaymakers can immerse themselves into the way of life in play here for a short but inspirational time as they enjoy the fruits of local labour with a meal comprised from fantastic locally-sourced ingredients.

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8. Manarola

Manarola cinque terre walking holidays

Travelling on by train to Manarola, holidaymakers take to the famous ‘Vineyards Trail’ that follows the coastline presenting different exciting and staggering views of the coast and Manarola resting down below throughout the journey.

Reached by steep descent down to the waterfront, Manarola really is an Italian wonder.

A great place to experience firsthand, Manarola is small yet packed with charm and character.

Wandering between the buildings down to the rocky shoreline, holidaymakers can then gaze up, retracing their steps all the way back up into the romantic hilly countryside.

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