6 Sizzling Sicilian treasures to discover on a solo tour


Heading to sizzling Sicily on a fascinating solo tour takes holidaymakers on a fascinating Italian adventure presenting authentic experiences.

Showcasing the very best of this beautiful island, we pinpoint 6 crucial moments featured throughout an excellent holiday available now.

1. Vineyards around volcanic Etna

Etna Vineyard

Thriving in the rich soil found around Mount Etna, the landscape surrounding the volcano is home to a number of vineyards growing grapes that, through a carefully refined and expertly carried out process, are eventually transformed into renowned Sicilian wine.

Carefully nurtured and benefiting from both the soil and generous climate enjoyed on the island, the wine here has a lovely, distinct taste.

During the tour, holidaymakers are guided through a local vineyard first established over 200 years ago in 1772 with an included tasting providing the perfect, fitting conclusion.

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2. Modica

Modica - Sicily Solo

Reached after travelling through lovely countryside that is a colourful patchwork of fields, villages and meadows full of flowers, the city of Modica is a stunning Sicilian city.

Best known for its striking churches and old buildings, key Modica sights include the Duomo of San Giorgio and historic church of St Peter.

A delicious city attraction, a chocolate tasting at a local chocolatier is a satisfying afternoon treat for holidaymakers.

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3. Noto

Noto - Sicily Solo

Highly regarded Noto is another lovely Sicilian city experienced during this fascinating tour discovering the best of Sicily.

Eye-catching buildings aplenty, the city’s striking architecture has quite the reputation around the world.

Rebuilt after a devastating earthquake struck the city in the early 1960s, a large portion of Noto’s lovely buildings have been carefully built from colourful limestone.

When caught by sunlight, the buildings here illuminate brightly, showing off carefully considered details with the standout star being Noto Cathedral.

A memorable touring moment, solo travellers are presented with the chance to scale the heights of the bell tower of Church of San Carlo.

Reaching the top of the tower, views looking out across the city and surrounding countryside await, offering a great photo opportunity and treasured holiday moment.

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4. Ragusa

Sicily - Solo Ragusa

Celebrated for it’s Old Town, Ragusa is a city resting on opposing hills. Old on one side, ‘new’ town on the other, the city is explored on foot with expert guidance.

Wandering around the cobbled streets, an expert guide will share local insight and lead holidaymakers to a number of landmarks including Piazza Duomo and the city’s huge church.

Plenty of free time whilst visiting the city ensures that holidaymakers can explore Ragusa further or simply relax and enjoy some local refreshments like freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Travellers looking to go out and explore further – the lovely public park Giardino Ibleo is a great place for a scenic wander.

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5. Syracuse

Syracuse Sicily Solo

Found on Sicily’s coastline, an included tour showcases the best of Syracuse.

The oldest part of the city actually rests slightly adrift off the mainland on its own island.

Known as Ortygia, this small island is one of most historically important places in all of Sicily.

Thanks to its perfect position, the island was fortified centuries ago and became a crucial trading post connecting Sicily to the rest of the world.

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6. Taormina


Resting close to Etna, ancient Taormina is perhaps one of the most famous towns in Italy.

Presenting visitors with a lovely mixture of ancient landmarks, a beautiful coastline and relaxing beaches, Taormina’s appeal is easy to understand.

Benefiting from the lovely Sicilian climate, Taormina is rich in colourful plants.

We thoroughly recommend sampling some of the town’s locally grown produce, particularly tomatoes that are so often a crucial element in many iconic Italian dishes.

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