6 Magical destinations to explore along the Danube

Cesky Krumlov

The final of our fantastic five river cruises available with our latest partner Emerald Waterways, here 6 destinations featured throughout an exploration along the famed Danube river.

Each iconic in their own right, we begin with the beautiful and historic Southern Bohemian town of Ceksy Krumlov.

1. Cesky Krumlov

Cesky Krumlov

An important UNESCO-listed World Heritage Site, Cesky Krumlov truly is an ancient treasure.

Sitting in the Czech Republic, the city can be found in Southern Bohemia.

Best-known for its stunning historic centre, at the heart of the town lies the State Castle and Chateau Cesky Krumlov.

Within the centre, there are collectively over 300 listed buildings to admire during a visit.

Included in the holiday, you will be able to enjoy a guided tour of area that offers plenty of time to admire the special, Gothic features the town is celebrated around the world for.

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2. Dürnstein


Steeped in history, Dürnstein, on the banks of the Danube, is a quintessential river cruising destination.

Found within the famous Wachau Valley wine region, the town is a popular stop holding strong historic ties to Britain.

It was here, high up in the now ruined castle that the famous Briton Richard the Lionheart was imprisoned for a period of time following a dispute with Austrian royalty.

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3. Melk


One of the most beautiful places to visit in Austria, Melk is best-known for its towering abbey.

Enjoyed during a fascinating included tour, Melk Abbey is hundreds of years old and the final resting place of many members of the House of Babenberg, the country’s first ruling family.

A rather grand building, the abbey is lavishly decorated. During your visit, you will come across golden leaf walls, wonderfully designed historic spiral staircases and a stunning library housing hundreds if not thousands of important books.

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4. Passau


Found close to the Austrian border, the German city of Passau rests at the point where the river’s Danube, Inn and Ilz meet, a fact that has given rise to the city being known as the Three River’s City.

Key attractions in and around Passau range from St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the fortress Veste Oberhaus and the old town quarter locally known as Altstadt.

The area surrounding the town presents a number of popular hiking routes.

During time spent in Passau, holidaymakers will be able to choose between joining a sightseeing tour showing off the best of historic German town or taking a guided hike venturing out into the lovely countryside.

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5. Vienna


A city that has had a massive impact on classical music through the centuries, Vienna’s history will forever be entwined with some of the world’s greatest classical composers.

Famously the birthplace of the iconic composer Mozart, Austria’s capital is a beautiful city rich in culture and history.

UNESCO-listed, the city’s notable historic centre can be traced all the way back to Roman times.

A key local landmark, the stretching Ringtrasse is a true circular marvel of a ring road.

Surrounded by lovely gardens, trams connect different points along the Ringtrasse.

Journeying along this famous road, holidaymakers will pass some of the city’s key buildings.

6. Budapest

Budapest view

The Hungarian capital, Budapest is the ultimate river cruising port of call.

Acting as the final welcoming destination visited during this memorable itinerary, the capital has a wealth of attractions.

Thermal pools, the magnificent Hungarian Parliament building, the vantage point at Fisherman’s Bastion and the city’s instantly recognisable Chain Bridge can all be experienced during time spent in the city.

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