6 Icelandic wonders to admire on a cruise from Rosyth

Showing off some key experiences holidaymakers can look out for on a wonderful cruise sailing from Rosyth, here are 6 Icelandic wonders to consider adding to your bucket list.

Calling at a eye-catching range of Icelandic ports next summer, this special cruise is a must for holidaymakers looking to experience some of the best natural sights the world has to offer.

We start with a rather infamous global landmark…

1. Eyjafjallajökull


The Icelandic ice cap Eyjafjallajökull, despite being one of the smallest of its kind in this beautiful country, is certainly one of the most famous ice caps in the world.

Hidden under the ice, a volcano erupted in 2010 bringing global air traffic to a standstill, causing delays for commuters around the world.

Cruising past the past the famous landmark, you will be able to admire the ice cap that hides the now infamous volcano beneath layers of ice.

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2. Elephant Rock

Elephant Rock

Found on Iceland’s Westman Islands archipelago, the amazing natural rock formation known as Elephant Rock is a jaw-dropping sight.

Shaped by volcanic activity, the formation closely resembles the shape of an Elephant’s head, complete with protruding trunk that burrows into the ground.

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3. Eyjafjordur


Cruising along Eyjafjordur before calling at the port town of Akureyri marks a pivotal cruising experience during this excellent itinerary departing from Rosyth.

One of Iceland’s longest fjords, holidaymakers will not only be able to admire the country’s renowned scenery but could even encounter some rather notable wildlife found basking in these waters.

Incredible maritime visitors to look out for include massive Humpback Whales and dolphins.

First catching sight of a huge whale fin protruding out of the fjord waters really will live long in the memory.

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4. Hrisey


The quiet island of Hrisey is yet another amazing Icelandic sight.

Actually resting off the main Icelandic coastline, Hrisey, often referred to as ‘Pearl of the Eyjafjordur’, is a remote fishing island, known to be home to a fantastic variety of birdlife.

Cruising by the island presents the perfect opportunity to partake in a spot of birdwatching as they fly high above riding along on the North Atlantic winds.

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5. Ellidaey


A crucial part of the stunning Vestmannaeyjar archipelago, cruising by Ellidaey provides the perfect photo opportunity.

This beautiful and remote island is a celebrity all in its own right thanks to its unusual shape topped off by a sole house resting in the heart of the island.

The island, once rumoured to be owned by the iconic Icelandic singer Björk is one of Iceland’s most iconic sights.

Protected from the wind by the island’s bowl-like shape, the house is a rather famous cruising memory for holidaymakers cruising through this jaw-dropping archipelago.

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6. Gullfoss Waterfall

Gullfoss Waterfall

Spending the best part of two days called at the Icelandic capital ensures that holidaymakers have plenty of time to enjoy the delights of Reykjavik and venture forth out into the magical Icelandic landscape in pursuit of experiences that will last a lifetime.

Right up there alongside some of the world’s most rewarding tourist routes, following the ‘Golden Circle’ will see holidaymakers arrive at the staggering Gullfoss Waterfall.

Admiring from a number of vantage points, Gullfoss Waterfall is in many ways a symbol of the country.

A true demonstration of the power of nature, the fall sends water down over an incredible 100 feet!

Circumnavigate Iceland on this wonderful cruise

Details about this magical Icelandic wonders cruise can be found here.

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