5 Treasures – Spain’s beautiful Orange Blossom Coast

Peniscola Castle

The Costa del Azahar or Orange Blossom Coast can be the perfect Spanish holiday destination.

Along this beautiful stretch of coastline, famously home to a large amount of Orange Groves prospering in the generous Mediterranean climate, here are 5 treasured destinations you need to experience during a visit to the region.

1. Peniscola


This beautiful coastal town is one of Spain’s best known.

Famous for its lovely beaches and Old Town, Peniscola’s 13th-century castle is one of the most impressive historical landmarks in Eastern Spain.

Sitting high above the rock, the castle (built by Templars) rests on almost on an island all on its own and was used as a filming location for the historical epic El Cid released in the early 1960s.

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2. Desert of the Palms

Desert of the Palms

Containing a famous mountain range, Desert of the Palms Natural Park is one of the region’s most scenic locations.

A wonderful blend of natural scenery, historic ruins, the Natural Park area rises to heights of almost 2000ft, presenting visitors with epic views of the coastline off into the distance below.

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3. Ebro Delta

Ebro Delta

Extremely important, the Ebro Delta is one of the biggest wetland regions in Europe. This diverse natural landscape is an important breeding location of a variety of different species of bird.

Key features in the delta include a number of beaches, patches of rice fields, dunes, lagoons and woods.

A must-visit for nature lovers, the delta is the perfect place for a spot of birdwatching as you explore this natural paradise.

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4. Morella


One of the most iconic cities in the country, Morella has a long and notable history.

The city’s hilltop fortress, surrounded by medieval walls, is a key experience.

Climbing up to the castle, visitors will be able to take in the views and wander through the narrow streets that wind their way down the hill.

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5. Valencia


Valencia rests right on the coastline. This famous port city can be found at the point where the Turia River joins the vast Mediterranean.

Offering visitors with a collection of historic and modern attractions, Valencia is one of Spain’s most stylish cities.

Key historical places to visit include the central and wonderfully restored Central Market and the Gothic La Lonja de la Seda.

Originally built as a place of trade for the local silk industry, this striking building is handily placed close to the Central Market.

Both the interior and exterior can be admired during a visit.

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