Exploring Sensational Switzerland & its Alpine Glories

Lake Lucerne

An amazing Alpine paradise, here are 7 of the best places to experience around Switzerland, starting in the famous capital, Bern.

1. Bern


A visit to Switzerland would not be complete without stopping by Bern.

Dating back to medieval times, this famous city has one of Europe’s most impressive Old Towns, is home to the Swiss Parliament and even has its own Bear Pit!

One of the city’s most popular tourist attractions, the Bear is a symbol of the city, prominently displayed on the historic Bern Coat of Arms.


Notable attractions to keep an eye out for include Zytgloggle (a landmark clock) and the 15th-century Cathedral of Bern.

Ideal strolling territory, following the winding river Aare through the city will lead you past some lovely green spaces ideal for a picnic if looking to stop for refreshments.

2. Central Switzerland

Central Switzerland

The geographical and historical heart of Switzerland, this spectacular central region in the hills surrounding the Alps is known for its natural landscapes.

Beautiful lakes, spectacular mountains, charming villages and resorts all await further exploration during your time exploring the region.

Notable sights include the towering mountains Pilatus, Rigi and the stretching arms of Lake Lucerne – one of the country’s largest lakes.

3. Lucerne


Resting on the banks of the famous lake, Lucerne is one of Europe’s most enchanting and romantic cities.

Here, you will be welcomed by a blend of lovely old buildings, a picturesque waterfront and fascinating attractions.


Key Lucerne experiences range from the famous Chapel Bridge, the Gothic Hofkirche St. Leodegar and the poignant Lion Monument – carved into rock to commemorate soldiers lost during the French Revolution.

4. Chateau d’Oex

Chateau d'Oex

The charming village of Chateau-dOex, best known for its annual Hot Air Balloon festival, also has strong ties to the country’s cheese-making industry.

Surrounded by mountains, the village is something of a ‘foodie’ destination with a number of culinary options for visitors to choose from when in town.

5. Gruyères


Tucked away in the Fribourg region, the town of Gruyères dates back to the 13th century.

Alongside Emmental, Swiss Gruyère, produced in and around the town, is one of the country’s best-known and popular exports.

Often cited as one of the cheese capitals of the world, Gruyères is also known for its hilltop medieval castle, one of Switzerland’s most impressive man-made landmarks.

6. Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva

Split between France and Switzerland right on the border, Lake Geneva lies in the shadow of the famous Alps.

Another impressive stretch of water, Geneva even rivals some of Italy’s most famous lakes in the beauty department.

Stretching from Montreux to Lausanne, the ‘Swiss Riviera’ has attracted visitors tourists from across the world for centuries.

On the southern banks of the Lake at the city of Geneva, you will come across the amazing Jet d’Eau.

Firing water to heights close to 400 feet up in the air, the famous fountain actually serves as a safety valve for a hydraulic power network and is on throughout the year with rare exceptions.

7. Montreux


The trendy resort of Montreux, one of the Riviera’s cultural hotspots, is a beautiful town serving up some excellent activities for visitors to choose from during a visit.

Spend your time walking along the city’s scenic promenade, browse the excellent collection of shops or pay a visit to the Swiss icon Chateau Chillon – the choice is yours.

Music fans take note, the city even has its own tribute to the iconic rock band Queen on the site where the band recorded a number of their most popular releases.

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