Our complete guide to 8 excellent cruises sailing from Dundee in 2021

Reine Lofoten
Lofoten Islands, Norway - a port of call on our Norway’s Land of the Midnight Sun & Fjordland cruise.

We preview all eight of the Magellan cruises sailing from Dundee currently available to book on a BUY ONE GET ONE FREE basis.

Starting with the majestic fjords of Norway before sailing to the Baltics, Scottish Isles, the Faroes and Iceland,  Magellan has quite the list of impressive voyages sailing out of Dundee in 2021 including our very own summer cruise (more on that later).

We take a look at each of these exciting departures.

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1. Majestic Fjordland

Bergen waterfront
Bergen, the ‘Gateway to the fjords’.

The perfect cruise into Norway’s spectacular fjords, the first of Magellan’s voyages sailing from Dundee departs on May 3, 2021.

Throughout this week-long Norwegian adventure, Magellan calls at some classic ports of call including Bergen, Olden and Eidfjord.

Along the way, sensational cruising highlights to look forward to including cruising along two of Norway’s most incredible fjords – Nordfjord and Hardangerfjord.

Cruising across the North Sea, Magellan starts the voyage in classic fashion, calling at the ‘Gateway of the Fjords’ Bergen.

Mount Floyen.
Mount Floyen.

Popular experiences include wandering around the historic Bryggen waterfront or scaling the heights via cable car up to the summit of Mount Floyen.

Magellan then sails for Eidfjord found on the innermost arm of Nordfjord.

Lovatnet lake
Lovatnet lake.

Nearby highlights range from the impressive, natural wonder Briksdal Glacier, the Old Stryn Road, the beautiful Lovatnet Lake region or hiking Mount Huaren.

Beautiful Geirangerfjord.
Beautiful Geirangerfjord.

Alternatively, often cited as Norway’s most beautiful fjord, a scenic trip deep into Fjordland countryside to experience Geirangerfjord brings readers up close to some truly incredible scenery sure to leave a lasting impression.

The next, memorable port of call, Eidfjord is an excellent introduction to Norwegian fjord country.

A selection of incredible experiences range from the impressive Voringfossen waterfall to taking to the water on a kayaking excursion.

A must for the more adventurous readers amongst you, a safari boat ride sets off along fjord waters, bringing you close to towering cliffs shaped thousands of years ago.

Acting as a wonderful closing chapter to this memorable cruise, a final cruise along Hardangerfjord, the second-longest fjord in Norway, presents the perfect opportunity to partake in a spot of sightseeing from different vantage points on the decks of Magellan or from panoramic windows found inside the stylish ship.

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2. Baltic Cities & St Petersburg

The city of Stockholm.

This wonderful Baltic Cities cruise sailing from Dundee across 15 days departs on May 10, 2021.

Calling at some of the main European continent’s most historic cities and spending two days in St Petersburg, there is much to discover throughout the famous Baltic region.

Magellan first calls at Copenhagen before arriving at Warnemunde (for excursions to Berlin) and the Estonian capital Tallinn.

St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg.

Giving readers plenty of time to enjoy the city, St Petersburg, once famously the Imperial capital, two days are set aside to explore the city and surrounding attractions.

Moving on to both Helsinki and stylish Stockholm, the capital cities of Finland and Sweden, Magellan also calls at the Danish port of Aalborg in the Jutland region before setting off on the voyage back to the UK.

Sharing similarities, a number of ports of call are cities spread across islands – each offering up plenty of charm and history.

Nyhavn waterfront
Nyhavn waterfront, Copenhagen.

Wander the historic Nyhavn waterfront of Copenhagen, Scandinavia’s largest city.

In St Petersburg, explore some of the palaces found across the city or pay a visit to the city’s iconic Bolshoi Theatre.

Visiting Stockholm, popular activities include venturing into the natural beauty of Stockholm Archipelago and the once sunken wreck of the centuries-old Vasa Ship.

Leaving from Warnemünde for the German capital, Berlin’s museums, striking landmarks, including Brandenburg Gate, and many museums offer up plenty of options for readers during their time spent in the cosmopolitan city.

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3. Faroes & Northern Isles

Faroe Islands
The spectacular scenery of the Faroe Islands.

Combining time spent exploring the stunning Faroese archipelago and some of Scotland’s most iconic islands, this 8-day cruise leaving on May 24, 2021, is a fantastic Spring sailing.

Travelling north, Magellan first calls in at the Orkneys with a stop at the award-winning port of Kirkwall.

Rich in Viking heritage, notable island sights include St. Magnus Cathedral, the UNESCO-listed Heart of Neolithic Orkney home to the Ring of Brodgar and prehistoric Skara Brae.

A visit to these historic attractions truly feels like you are stepping back in time. Believed to have formed part of a bigger ritual, the famous Ring of Brodgar is still shrouded in a degree of mystery to this day.

Skara Brae
Skara Brae, Orkney.

First discovered after a violent storm struck the island, the excavated Skara Brae can be explored giving visitors a sense of island life practised thousands of years ago.

Magellan then sails on to the Shetland Isles, famous for its annual fire festival Up Helly Aa.

Once a crucial trading settlement, key Shetland experiences to consider include the former Norse settlement at Jarlshof, the excellent views at Eshaness Cliffs and Scalloway Castle, originally built in the 16th century.

Setting for the Faroese archipelago, the ship then calls at Klaksvik and Torshavn.

Wonderfully remote, readers will be struck by the incredible scenery in this part of the world.

If deciding to keep to the coastline looking for signs of sea life and searching the skies for birds, locals to look out for include Atlantic Puffins, Dolphins and Great cormorants.

Stepping ashore at Klaksvik, the surrounding area is comprised of glorious mountain scenery you can venture off into on a hike with the views at the summit of the great mountain Krakkur well worth the effort exerted during the ascent.

The village of Saksun on Streymoy.

Arriving at the capital of the Faroes, Torshavn on Streymoy, the island’s collection of coastal villages, sensational views and dramatic cliffs including Vestmanna give readers plenty of options to consider during their time ashore.

Exploring the natural scenery of this incredible destination is extremely rewarding, letting you fully embrace the island’s staggering landscapes.

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4. Round Britain Cruise


Starting with two Scottish ports of call then sailing off to Ireland, journeying to the Channel Islands and finally following the River Seine to Honfleur in France, this Round Britain voyage is packed with cruising highlights.

Orkney, of Ring of Brodgar and Scapa Flow fame, is one of the quintessential Scottish islands.

Following a trip to Orkney, Magellan then calls at Tobermory on the Isle of Mull.

Famous for its colourful harbourfront houses, Tobermory is the perfect place to set off on an exploration of the island.

Notable experiences to consider include the small island of Iona, just off the mainland, and Duart Castle first built in the 13th century.

Something of a wildlife paradise, the island and surrounding waters are teeming with life during the summer months.

Belfast City Hall
Belfast City Hall.

Sailing to Belfast and Ringaskiddy (for Cork) in Ireland, readers will then be able to experience two of Europe’s most fashionable cities.

Both extremely welcoming, experiences to consider include the jaw-dropping Giant’s Causeway, Titanic Belfast and close to Cork – Blarney Castle, home of the famous kissing stone said to grant you the ‘gift of the gab’ when kissed!

Heading in search of the sun, the ship then sails to the Isle of Scilly and St. Peter Port on the island of Guernsey, both offering up their own slices of sunshine, lovely coastline and intriguing history to enjoy.

Honfleur, France
Honfleur, France.

Leaving Channel waters, Magellan cruises along the romantic River Seine arriving at Honfleur.

Exploring the beautiful city, readers will get to wander along lovely cobbled streets lined with half-timbered buildings.

In the city, key points of interest include the harbour area Vieux Bassin and the landmark Saint Catherine’s Church.

A cultural hotspot, the city has an impressive collection of attractions including an impressive impressionist art museum and a butterfly and plant complex.

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5. Iceland’s Land of Ice & Fire

Gullfoss Waterfall, Iceland.
Gullfoss Waterfall, Iceland.

The iconic land of ‘ice and fire’ consider a voyage to Iceland taking you within reach of some of the world’s greatest natural wonders.

Starting with a call at the Faroe Islands, acclimatise yourself some truly magical scenery with an exploration around the island of Streymoy.

Four Icelandic ports of call follow – Seydisfjordur, Akureyri, Isafjordur and the capital Reykjavik.

Seydisfjordur, Iceland.

In the east of Iceland, the town of Seydisfjordur lies at end of a fjord of the same name.

Stepping ashore, readers can choose to explore this lovely natural landscape via a number of close-by attractions.

Venture along the shores of the lake, visit a nearby nature reserve, where you find some lovely secluded beaches and amazing cliffs, or step into Iceland’s past journeying into the Icelandic wilderness where a stop a visitor centre provides a glimpse into the Icelandic way of life centuries ago.

The next Icelandic port of call at Akureyri gives readers the chance to experience some of Iceland’s greatest hits.

Godafoss Waterfall
Godafoss Waterfall.

The famous capital of the North, Akureyri is within reach of the amazing ‘Waterfall of the Gods’ Godafoss, Myvatn Nature baths and Lake Myvatn.

We thoroughly recommend heading just off the coast of Akureyri on a small boat ride for a spot of whale watching.

Often several metres in length, huge Humpback Whales can be often be spotted in the waters surrounding Akureyri.

Humpback Whales, Iceland
Humpback Whales, Iceland.

The sight of the whales breaching the water’s surface for air with their huge whitetails crashing down will leave a lasting impression and is one of the greatest wildlife sights on Earth.

Another town located on the banks of a great fjord, Isafjordur is to the north of Iceland.

Celebrated for its beautiful natural landscapes, the town sits surrounded by sparsely populated Icelandic beauty.

Famous places to visit include the island of Vigur found out on the fjord, and the remote village of Hesteyri.

Further afield, the village of Sudavik and its very own Arctic Fox Centre provides insight into the only native land animal in Iceland.

Arriving in the capital Reykjavik, some of the world’s most iconic natural wonders are now on your doorstep (or at the end of Magellan’s gangway!).

Key wonders to consider include following the famous Golden Circle touring route, perhaps the world’s best known, relaxing in the lovely Blue Lagoon or venturing into the heart of Langjokull glacier where you travel into a man-made cave.

Hallgrimskirkja Church
Hallgrimskirkja Church.

In the capital, wonderful landmarks to tick off include the towering Hallgrimskirkja and the Sun Voyager – an ‘ode to the sun’.

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6. Fjordland Cruise

Eidfjord, Norway.
Eidfjord, Norway.

Capturing the beauty of the Norwegian fjords, this 7-day cruise sets sail on June 21, 2021.

Arriving first at Eidfjord, the scenery here is truly spectacular, seeing mountains rise over 1,000 metres above the waters of the fjord.

Relatively close by, the dramatic Voringfossen waterfall is definitely one to consider ticking off the bucket list whilst in the area.

Voringfossen waterfall.
Voringfossen waterfall.

Falling just over 140 metres, the famous fall is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Norway.

Magellan then cruises along Hardangerfjord before arriving at the city of Stavanger, often referred to as the ‘Oil Capital of Norway’.

Stavanger Old Town.
Stavanger Old Town.

Gamle Stavanger (Stavanger Old Town) is a key place to visit, home to cobbled streets lined with some beautiful white wooden houses first constructed in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Another popular attraction worth considering, the Iron Age Farm at Ullanhaug provides insight into the Norwegian way of life practised 1,500 years ago.

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7. Faroes & Scottish Isles

St Ninian's Beach, Shetland.
St Ninian’s Beach, Shetland.

This memorable Magellan voyage from Dundee at five nights could just prove to be the perfect introduction to the cruising experience for readers looking to see what all the fuss is about!

Staying closer to home, Magellan calls at the beautiful Faroes before travelling the Shetland Isles with a port of call at Lerwick giving readers the chance to tick one of the most famous Scottish archipelagoes off the to-do list.

Calling at Kollafjordur, some of the best sightseeing opportunities can be found around the Faroes.

Vestmanna Cliffs.
Vestmanna Cliffs.

Whether looking to witness the towering Vestmanna cliffs, catch sight of some of the local wildlife including Puffins or immerse yourself in the local culture and learn about island life, spent time exploring the Faroes is time well spent indeed.

Lerwick, Shetland.
Lerwick, Shetland.

The second port of call at Lerwick sees readers follow in the footsteps of the Norsemen that originally settled on the Shetland Isles back in the 9th century.

Serving up an impressive coastline worth exploring, wandering around the capital will bring readers to a museum dedicated to telling the island’s story charting thousands of years of history right up to the present day via a series of different exhibits.

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8. Norway’s Land of the Midnight Sun & Fjordland

Pulpit Rock
Preikestolen or Pulpit Rock, Stavanger.

Our recently announced special 2021 cruise, this voyage to the Land of the Midnight Sun marks the first time Magellan will sail from Dundee to the famous North Cape region.

Leaving from and returning to Dundee, this 11-night voyage to the top of the world sees the ship sail into the far northern reaches of Norway to give readers the chance to witness the incredible midnight sun phenomenon.

Starting with a call at Kristiansund, Magellan also visits the spectacular Lofoten Islands before venturing to the fishing town of Honningsvag where passengers can join an optional excursion to North Cape, the northernmost point in Europe.

North Cape
Witness the midnight sun at North Cape.

Here, standing on a flat clifftop rising over 300 metres above the sea, readers will be able to gaze out across the Barents where, during this time of year, the sun never sets.

After this key highlight, Magellan calls at the city of Tromso, often referred to as the ‘Paris of the North’.

Best known for its striking Arctic Cathedral built in the 1960s, the city is also home to an interesting arctic aquarium.

Whilst here, taking the cable car to the top of Storsteinen rising over 1,000 feet gives you the chance to admire the famous ‘Arctic City’ from above.

Found at the of Romdalsfjord on the mouth of River Rauma, the town of Andalsnes is surrounded by mountains and is one of the world’s great hiking destinations.


Readers will also get the chance to undertake the famous Troll Path, also referred to locally as the Trollstigen.

Following a route winding around hairpin bends, the route climbs over 2,000 feet above sea level.

A call at Maloy follows a cruise along Romsdalsfjord.

Within Vestland country, the town is known for its local historic lighthouse, surrounding mountain scenery and lovely beaches.

The last Norwegian port of call, the city of Stavanger awaits. Catering to different tastes and interests, Stavanger can be the perfect gateway to scenic fjordland country or has its own interesting attractions closer to town.

Sverd i Fjell, Stavanger.
Sverd i Fjell, Stavanger.

Get to know the city and its amazing landmarks including the tall, Sverd I Fjell swords monument, Stavanger Cathedral (one of the country’s oldest) or head out across the waters of scenic Lysefjord.

The view from Preikestolen.

A definite must for travellers looking to experience one of Norway’s most iconic sights, a guided hike up to Preikestolen or ‘Pulpit Rock’ is rewarded with views looking out across the surrounding mountain scenery and Lysefjord below.

Standing just 600 metres above Lysefjord, this famous rock plateau is one of the most photographed places in all of Norway.

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