Excursions Galore! 11 Fantastic holiday experiences


Future travel in mind, we have been searching for some inspirational travel ideas.

Scouring our collection for incredible holiday moments, here are just 11 incredible experiences to consider adding to the bucket list, travelling to some iconic parts of the world.

You can find many more incredible experiences throughout our vast collection available to explore here.

1. Admire awe-inspiring Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

Shared by both the US and Canada, Niagara Falls is one of the great natural wonders of the world.

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An essential inclusion on any reader with a passion for travel’s bucket list, visitors can admire this thunderous waterfall from a number of well-placed viewing points or even take to the sky on a short helicopter ride over the falls.

2. Enjoy astonishing views of Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji

Japan’s tallest mountain, Mount Fuji rises over 3,000 metres. Often referred to as ‘Fuji-san’, the great mountain is best admired from the banks of tranquil Lake Kawaguchi.

3. Explore the Canadian Rockies

the Canadian Rockies

Journeying through the Rockies is one of the quintessential experiences available during a visit to Canada.

Enjoying the region’s iconic wilderness, scenic driving routes and glistening lakes, exploring the scenic beauty of the Rockies is one of the ultimate holidaying experiences.

4. Marvel at the monasteries of Meteora


In the northern Greece, the striking monasteries of Meteora are some of the most photographed locations in the country.

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The six monasteries here are placed atop huge towering natural rock pillars presenting visitors with amazing views looking out across the surrounding countryside.

5. See spectacular Fall colours

New England

Displaying the sensational colours of autumn, a fall tour exploring New England can be the perfect scenic adventure.

Following part of the Maple Leaf Trail and enjoying some of the greatest cities on the North American continent as they transform into a hue of vibrant autumnal colour captivates visitors from across the world.

6. Soak up the history of one of Europe’s oldest cities

Belem Tower

Once a crucial trading settlement and the starting point for expeditions setting off to discover new lands, the Portuguese capital Lisbon is one of the oldest cities in Europe.

Full of character, Lisbon today is made up of charming cobbled Old Quarters, a vast square and wonderful historical landmarks dating back several centuries including Belem Tower and the Moorish Castelo de. S. Jorge.

7. Step back in time at mythical Standing Stones

Standing Stones Callanish

First placed thousands of years ago, a stop by the ancient Standing Stones of Callanish is like stepping back in time.

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On the Isle of Lewis, the ancient ritual site is one of the top attractions throughout the Western Isles.

8. Reach the Giants Causeway

Giants causeway

One for the bucket list not far from home, the Giant’s Causeway is one of Ireland’s most iconic locations, surrounded by local legend.

On the County Antrim coast, this amazing natural landscape home to thousands upon thousands of basalt columns is a wonderful excursion experience complimenting a visit to the country’s capital perfectly.

9. Discover the world’s first National Park

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone, the world’s first National Park, serves up an incredible collection of natural wonders including an expansive lake, volcanic hot springs and a vast canyon.

Spreading into three different states, a visit to this protected park gives readers the chance to experience great American wilderness for themselves.

10. Wander around the tranquil temples at Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat

Hugely important, the vast temple complex Angkor Wat is the world’s biggest religious monument.

Originally Hindu, the complex was transformed into an important Buddhist site several centuries ago.

Close to the great Tonle Sap lake, nature has started to claim back parts of the UNESCO-listed complex.

Visitors can explore huge sections of the complex and admire this amazing architectural triumph.

11. Witness the incredible Northern Lights

Kirkjufell iceland

Travelling into the Arctic Circle gives readers the chance to witness the wonderful Northern Lights.

Alongside incredible experiences including Iceland’s iconic Golden Circle or the famous ‘Arctic City’ Tromso, electing to join an optional excursion setting off in search of the Northern Lights is often the high point of winter adventure away in some of the world’s most remote destinations.

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