Voyage to the land of the Midnight Sun – 10 Astounding Experiences

North Cape

Exploring the excellent itinerary readers can look forward during our special 2021 voyage, here are 10 amazing highlights spread across seven wonderful Norwegian ports of call as Magellan sails to Land of the Midnight Sun.

We start on the remote and beautiful island of Vagsoy.

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1. Amazing Kannesteinen


The mushroom-like Kannesteinen rock close to the port of Maloy is an amazing gravity-defying landmark.

Resulting from wave and wind erosion that has slowly carved rock into a shape resembling the famous fungus, a visit to Kannesteinen is well worth the effort.

Set slightly off the mainland with coastal waters crashing past, the famous rock provides a perfect photo opportunity.

2. Wondrous Lysefjord


A stunning fjord in a country home to thousands, Lysefjord is conveniently close to Stavanger, the Nordic ‘Oil Capital’ twinned with Scotland’s very own Aberdeen.

Setting off from the city, readers can either experience the beautiful fjord during a scenic boat ride across the water or, if brave enough, from the dramatic rock plateau Preikestolen.

3. Dramatic Preikestolen


A symbol of Norway and one of the ultimate natural viewing platforms, the flat rock plateau Preikestolen or Pulpit’s Rock is one of the country’s most rewarding experiences.

An adventure itself to reach, the hike up (and back down) from the rock is well worth the effort.

Reaching the summit, you gaze for miles out across Lysefjord and deep into spectacular Norwegian countryside.

4. The Midnight Sun at North Cape

North Cape

The perfect vantage point to admire the Midnight Sun phenomenon, a call at the port of Honningsvag gives readers the chance to venture off on an excursion to North Cape.

A British sailor named North Cape, the northernmost point in Europe, during a voyage heading out in search of an elusive passage to Asia.

Over 300 metres up, North Cape is one of the best places in the country to witness the Midnight Sun as it hovers on the horizon with spectacular results.

5. Old Stavanger

Old Stavanger

The historic old quarter in Stavanger is one of the oldest of kind in Europe. First established in the 18th century, the Old Town area is full of white, wooden-clad buildings skirting charming cobbled streets.

Further highlights to consider in Stavanger include the 10th century Stavanger Cathedral and the Norwegian Canning Museum.

6. Striking Sverd i Fjell

Installed in recent years commemorating the unification of Norway, Sverd i Fjell or Swords in Rock sits on Stavanger’s shoreline.

The monument – three massive swords thrust deep into the ground – stand several metres tall, paying tribute to the 1st century battle of Hafrsfjord.

7. Tromso, the Arctic City

Tromso, the Arctic City

Some 200 miles above the Arctic Circle, this wonderful itinerary calls at the Arctic City Tromso, one of Norway’s greatest cities.

Best known for its amazing Arctic Cathedral showcasing high concept 1960s architecture, the city has another claim to fame – home to the world’s most northerly aquarium, Polaria.

8. Beautiful Lofoten Islands

Lofoten Islands

Few other destinations around the world rival the beauty of the collective Lofoten Islands.

Alongside the iconic fishing village of Reine, the village with the shortest name in Norway, A, sits on the Lofoten archipelago.

9. Stunning mountain scenery of Andalsnes


Attractions visitors for over a century, the amazing mountainous scenery of Andalsnes does not disappoint. Once the favoured destination of aristocrats, readers can now discover this part of Norway for themselves.

A hiking paradise, the surrounding area can also be admired during a journey along the Rauma Railway line.

10. Winding Trollstigen


One of the most intriguing routes in Norway, the Troll’s Ladder or Trollstigen connecting Andalsnes to the village of Valldall winds it way up a valley like a serpent.

Stretching and twisting through the countryside for over 30 miles, following Trollstigen can often prove to be a fantastic scenic adventure.

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