6 Unmissable Highlights of the Algarve

The Algarve region in Portugal is one of the best places to escape to.


A sensational holiday destination all year round, the Algarve’s appealing temperatures make this beautiful corner of the country the perfect retreat.

There is much to discover in this beautiful part of Portugal, one of the most southern points on the European continent.

We take a look at just some of the highlights this beautiful region has to offer.

1. Silves

Silves Algarve

The Moorish town of Silves is one of the region’s most popular places to visit and the former capital of Portugal.

Once a fortress settlement, the town’s architecture, particularly Silves Castle, is a reminder of town’s long history.

With sections believed to have dated back to the Roman period, Silves Castle is an intimidating structure that dominates the town’s skyline.

Enjoy a stroll through the historic centre and you’ll see the Town Hall Square, Gothic cathedral and the massive defensive walls.

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2. Alte

Alte Algarve

One of the most picturesque villages in the entire Algarve, Alte is very photogenic.

Characterised by whitewashed houses, one of the main attractions in town is the canal in Fonte Garden.

Take some time out to relax along either side of the canal and soak up the fantastic Algarve sun.

Another popular attraction is the relatively small but idyllic Vigario Falls.

A short waterfall that falls into a lagoon, this is a popular swimming area.

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3. Cape St. Vincent

Cape St Vincent

An iconic spot in the Algarve region, Cape St, Vincent, known locally as Cabo de Sao Vicente, is one of the most southern points in Europe.

The waves of the powerful Atlantic Ocean have taken its toll on the cliffs in the area, battering the rocks into weird and ragged shapes.

These intimidating cliffs are watched over by the local lighthouse that warns vessels in the area of the potential dangers close by.

White-washed with a red beacon turret, the lighthouse can be seen for miles around.

Once a crucial launching area for explorers, one of the most famous Portuguese explorers, Henry the Navigator, famously spent time in the area before setting off on long voyages.

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4. Faro


Capital of the Algarve region, Faro is often overlooked due to its airport, with tourists just passing through.

However, with a charming old town surrounded by medieval walls, a stunning yacht-filled marina and charming parks and plazas,  Faro is well worth a visit.

Stroll along the old town’s cobbled streets and you’ll find historic buildings such as the gothic cathedral.

Outside of the ancient walls, is the modern city centre with a pedestrianised main shopping centre and the colourful harbour.

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5. Albufeira

Algarve Albufeira

One of the key spots along the Algarve’s scenic coastline, Albufeira is a southern gem.

Another city featuring impressive white-washed buildings, Albufeira was once a major fishing hub and is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Algarve today.

Within convenient reach of the city, visitors can access a number of stunning beaches, some tucked away in coves, all offering pristine sand and lovely swimming spots rivalling some of the world’s greatest beaches.

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6. Ponta da Piedade

A stunning natural landmark, the collective rock formations known as Ponta da Piedade can be found close to Lagos.

The fame of this stunning spot along the Algarve coastline deserves its own special mention.

Reached by carefully following a stepped walkway, the formations here are the result of violent storms that have laid siege to the coastline, gradually wearing the rocks here into distinct formations.

Simply a must-visit when spending time in the Algarve!

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